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5 Skin care tips to keep you looking gorgeous

Winter can take its toll on our skin thanks to the cold and dry air. As the weather warms up and the flowers start to bloom, take advantage of the new season to refresh your skin. A few changes in your normal routine can pay off big for your skin.

woman applying skin cream


Wear sunscreen all the time

The notion that we need sunscreen only when on the beach or during the summer is a complete misconception. We now know that wearing sunscreen daily, all year (yes, even in winter!), is the key ingredient to a good skin care routine. Harmful UVA and UVB rays are out even when the sun is not, so it’s necessary to keep your skin protected at all times.


Try a CC cream

This improvement on BB creams is an all-new blemish balm known as colour correcting cream. Making your skin look more even as well as brighter, CC cream prepares the skin for makeup application. Acting as concealer and moisturizer, this cream will give your skin the natural glow it needs after a long winter slumber.


Use illuminator


Highlighting your cheekbones is a great way to get your skin glowing for spring. Illuminator gives the skin a gentle glow with a subtle shimmer, making it appear more youthful and more radiant. We recommend using illuminator sparingly. Remember, you just want to highlight and allow the light to reflect off your best assets.


Wash off your makeup before bed

Before investing in the best foundations and concealers out there to cover up flaws, just wash off your makeup before bed. The key to good skin is flaw prevention. Never go to sleep with makeup on, as it will clog the pores and slowly eat away at your natural glow. Wipe the day off with makeup remover, and apply a hydrating night cream to allow your skin to repair itself overnight. You’ll awake with fresher-looking skin every morning.


Eat well

You are what you eat! Your diet plays a key role in what your skin looks like. Eating fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables as well as staying hydrated will help keep your skin glowing. Fatty, greasy foods can make your skin oily and leave it with a dull complexion.

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