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5 best personal finance apps for managing your money

Because sorting through shoe boxes of old receipts is so last century, it’s time to bring your money management into the new millennium. Five simple apps make it easy to understand and control all of your finances — from budgeting and banking, to calculating your home mortgage.

1. Back in Black

Back in black app
Image: iTunes

Take control of your personal finances one month at a time with the Back in Black app that boils your finances down to the essentials: how much money you earn and spend every month and where your money is going. Take stock of your income and fixed expenses, set goals and categorize spending using this personal budget app. Other features include a quick view of previous months’ spending histories, reminder alerts as well as backup features to ensure your records stay safe and can be easily restored.

Available: iTunes

Users say: “I love this app. Simple to use, and it doesn’t have to connect to all of my accounts. It just lets me know where I stand and what I can spend.”

Price: $1.99

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Mint app
Image: iTunes

If you’re not a fan of manually entering all your debits and credits, the popular app Mint is the answer to your laissez-faire budgeting style. Sync your bank accounts to this app (not to worry, it’s encrypted and password protected), and you’ll have a nifty tool to track your spending, stay on budget and manage all your finances wherever you are. Your information is automatically pulled from your accounts, and transactions are categorized accordingly, so you’re not required to enter everything manually. Real-time alerts can also be set to warn you if you’re over budget.

Available: iTunes, Android

Users say: “Mint is an awesome application that can give you a snapshot of your finances. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to update, and it didn’t work with a few bleeding-edge financial services, but it definitely does the job well.”

Price: Free

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3. ATM Hunter

ATM hunter app
Image: iTunes

A handy app to have when travelling or even when you’re out and about in your hometown, the ATM Hunter app automatically locates the MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus ATM machine nearest to your current location. You can search for drive-through ATMs or for the machines at major airports around the world too.

Available: iTunes, Android

Users say: “This app is great! It has actually up-to-date info! I have never gotten to a location they sent me to and not found the ATM. (Sometimes after a little bit of searching around tall buildings.)”

Price: Free

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