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Easy ways to add a pop of spring to your decor

You can’t exactly get a new couch just because the weather’s changing, but with these simple accessories, you can bring a bit of the spring season into your home with ease.

Pretty throw pillows

spring crate and barrel pillow

Throw pillows are a convenient way to instantly take your home from dark and wintery to spring inspired in moments. You can go for a vibrant and bright option such as this myrtle pillow (, $45), or take a more neutral approach with this elegant tulip pillow (, $64).

Floral wreath

pier one floral wreath

Hang a pretty wreath on your front door, and you’ll get into the spring spirit every time you come and go from your home. This vibrant, handcrafted forsythia wreath (, $50) will make an elegant and colourful addition to your front steps. Or for a different feel, check out this classy spring faux berry wreath (, $40).

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Faux flower nest

pottery barn faux flower nest

Keeping bouquets of live flowers scattered around your home takes a lot of time, effort and, of course, money. But you don’t have to fork over the big bucks to get a season-long floral look for your space. An adorable display such as this faux ranunculus nest (, $47) will bring a welcome pop of spring into your home this season and for many springs to come.

Hanging terrarium

hanging terrarium

It might be too early to get out into the garden, but there are still ways you can feel as though you’re putting your green thumb to work indoors. This gorgeous recycled glass terrarium (, $66) will hang beautifully in your kitchen, family room or bedroom and make you feel as though spring is all around you, even when you’re inside.

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A variety of vases

west elm vases

Vases are an easy way to spring-ify your home, because they can be placed just about anywhere. Large vases can be displayed on tables, shelves, dressers and cabinets, while smaller vases can dress up nightstands, sink counters and end tables. These colourful ceramic woven vases (, $20–$63) can be cleverly scattered all around your home so the spring spirit is with you wherever you go.

Comfy kitchen mat

comfy cusion mat

Once you’ve gotten all your walls and surfaces decorated, don’t forget about the floor under your feet. A simple rug or mat can make a big difference in the overall look of your home. This Sommieres cushioned kitchen mat (, $62–$99) will add a pretty pop of spring to your cooking area while providing your tired legs with a little comfort and support as you work away making dinner.

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