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Podcast of the month: Stuff You Should Know

Do you have a passion for learning new things? Do you enjoy striking up a conversation with the words “Did you know…”? Do you like to laugh and be entertained? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you’re going to love this podcast.

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Have you ever looked something up on Wikipedia or HowStuffWorks and found yourself clicking on new links to read more interesting things 20 minutes later? You aren’t the only one. And you’re also likely the type of person who won’t be able to get enough of the podcast Stuff You Should Know — a show that discusses a multitude of interesting topics.

An easy-to-follow format

Each show begins with a humorous anecdote or news story that acts as an intro to what is about to be discussed. From there the hosts jump right in and use a variety of sources to present the facts on the subject at hand. At the end of the show, they finish off with “Listener Mail,” where they read one of the many emails they receive. Sometimes it will be an inspirational story; other times it will be someone who has something interesting to add or a correction to make about a past topic. The shows can be anywhere from a brief 25 minutes to an in-depth 55 minutes, depending on how complex the subject matter is.

Meet the hosts

Not only will you love what you hear on Stuff You Should Know, but you’ll also enjoy how you hear it. That’s because hosts Josh and Chuck are funny, open-minded and likeable. In between all the quirky facts and fascinating new information being presented are enjoyable bursts of comical banter and refreshing honesty. And they’re never afraid to admit when they’re wrong or to correct something from a previous podcast to ensure you really are finding out the most correct and detailed information possible.

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What you’ll learn about

The breadth of subject matter that gets covered on this show knows no bounds. History, science, sociology, psychology, nature, health, well-being and medicine are just some of the many areas the hosts discuss. And there are roughly 300 podcasts to choose from, so you have a whole lot to catch up on! Here are just a few of the discussions you can download today:

  • How the Black Death worked
  • Did a cow start the Great Chicago Fire?
  • How karma works
  • How lie detectors work
  • What happens in the brain during an orgasm?
  • What’s the deal with the Bermuda Triangle?
  • How did language evolve?
  • Does the five-second rule work?
  • How con artists work
A word of warning: If you plan to listen to Stuff You Should Know on the bus or subway, be prepared to get some surprised looks when you suddenly burst out laughing at one of Josh’s or Chuck’s humorous comments. Don’t worry — the stares are worth it.

Skim through the many titles to find those you can’t wait to learn about, and leave the ones that don’t jump out at you for later. We think “Was Atlantis a real place?,” “How Alien Hand Syndrome works” and “Was there a curse on King Tut’s tomb?” are particularly great places to start.

How to get the podcast

Simply search for “Stuff You Should Know” at the iTunes store to download the many segments completely free. You can listen to them while unwinding at home or to make your daily commute a little more entertaining.

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