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The top picks from the Hard Candy apparel collection

Hard Candy, the beauty company we all know and love, now has some new treats to indulge in — for our wardrobe! That’s right. Look to them for cute clothing now. (Psst, it’s affordable.). We’ve chosen some of our favourite items in the collection that’ll work for this spring’s trends.

hard candy lightning sweater

Bright and bold for spring

Hard Candy, the beauty company we all know and love, has some new treats to indulge in — for our wardrobe! That’s right. Look to them for cute clothing now. (Psst, it’s affordable.)

There used to be a time when the only nail polish colours you could buy consisted of variations of red, pink and white (for French tips). And then along came Hard Candy. Do you recall when Alicia Silverstone appeared on David Letterman sporting some baby blue nails, and when he asked her about the colour, she declared it to be “Sky” by Hard Candy? Well, the line of nail polishes, with an adorable plastic ring on each bottle, grew to include other cosmetics, and the line took off.

First, Hard Candy cosmetics — and now, apparel!

While the cosmetics line in Canada has been sold at Walmart exclusively for a year or so, Hard Candy is now giving us something else that’s sweet to treat ourselves to at the big-box store: clothing. Keeping with the brand’s youthful and fun personality, the clothes are casual and easy to wear. There are comfy pieces you can throw on for Sunday brunch or coffee.

SheKnows Canada’s top picks — and how they work for spring

Fun prints

If you haven’t noticed on the street-style blogs, animated and cartoon prints (think bold and fun!) are de rigeur, and so some of our faves from Hard Candy include their tops printed with hearts and stars. Wear them under a blazer to subdue them a bit — the fun print worn underneath your jacket is an unexpected bit of whimsy.

Sequins for daytime

Who says loungewear can’t get a little flashier with the addition of sequins? Sequins and bit of shine are no longer for evening wear. Take, for example, the heather grey hi-lo popover with bright green stars and clear sequins. Throw this on with a pair of jeans, and you’re set to catch a flight. It’s comfortable, but the sequins and stars make you look more pulled together than those folks who fly in pyjamas.

Comfort is key

Comfortable clothes are no longer just for working out, and Hard Candy has this trend covered well. Pair their fleece split-neck pullover with the campus pull-on pant. Pop over to your BFF’s in these, and grab a spot on her couch so you can settle in for some wine and a good gossip fest.

hard candy mesh skull top

Mesh skull top

We absolutely adore this fun and brightly coloured skull top.
hard candy sweat pants

Lounge pants

Ultra comfy and affordable, these blue sweatpants are great.
hard candy sequin top

Sequin star top

Look like a rock star in this hi-lo popover with a fun star print.

Flirty fun

A girl’s wardrobe can’t be all fun and comfort, and this look is covered off with some sassy pieces. A mesh popover, with its peekaboo fabric, worn over a tank top makes for an edgy outfit you can wear out dancing. Or why not wear it to the gym? The top will still keep you cool while working out; you’ll just look much more stylish (and you might even catch the eye of that hottie on the elliptical machine!).

Speaking of exercise, the collection also includes some sassy shorts with lace overlays. You’re guaranteed to get attention in these sexy little numbers.

And the best news? You won’t have to break your piggy bank

The clothing line, like the cosmetics, is all very affordable. In fact, most pieces ring in at about $20, so indulging in this treat won’t hurt your bottom line.

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