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Cutest pet blogs online

Can’t get enough of cute furry friends? Then you’ll love spending time looking through these adorable and helpful pet blogs.

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animal photos and great tips

Can’t get enough of cute furry friends? Then you’ll love looking through these delightful and helpful pet blogs.

Cute Overload

Considering this blog is literally called Cute Overload, you can likely guess what awaits you when you visit it. But knowing and witnessing are two very different things. Be prepared to gawk and giggle at the photo collection of cute pets and exotic animals from all over the world. Wrinkly pups, sniffing piglets, fluffy kittens, curious bunnies and jumping kangaroos are just some of the many adorable images you’re sure to enjoy.

All Things Dog Blog

Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have unique personalities, strengths and qualities, so their popularity isn’t surprising. If you’re among the many dog lovers out there, you have to check out All Things Dog Blog. Carrie, who runs the blog, has three dogs of her own, so she knows all about the perks and challenges that come with having a pooch in the family. She posts plenty of adorable photos, loads of tips for owning a dog and even some neat giveaways.

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I Can Has Cheezburger?

Animals are undeniably adorable, and photos of adorable animals with cute captions are even more adorable. That’s why we can’t get enough of I Can Has Cheezburger?. Whether it’s clever cartoons, wide-eyed cat photos or videos of dogs doing silly things that tickles your funny bone, you’ll find something to entertain you here. Caution: Giggling, smiling and excessive forwarding of cute posts to friends and family are sure to ensue.

Love Meow

Let’s face it: None of us can get enough of cute pictures and videos of cats. So it works out that Love Meow is dedicated to showcasing all the furry felines in our midst. You can scroll through hundreds of adorable videos and photos of cats, or take things a step further and find out more about animal rescue. Every cat deserves a happy home, so if yours has an opening, this blog is a great way to find out more about fostering or rescuing a furry friend.

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Whether you own a cat, a dog, an iguana or a goldfish, you’ll find something of interest at The folks at this unique blog are lovers of all animals, which means you can find great tips no matter which kind of animal you’re drawn to. They even offer a pet cost calculator to help you determine whether you’re financially ready to welcome a new pet into your home. You’re sure to learn a cool new tidbit every time you visit this one.


Snuzzy appropriately dubs itself the place “where cute and fuzzy collide,” and we can’t think of a better way to describe this adorable animal blog. The clever folks behind it wisely spotted the world’s love for furry friends and decided to build a special place where we can satisfy our cuteness quotas for the day. You’ll find more smile-inducing adorableness here than you might have ever thought possible.

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