Beyond BB cream: What is CC cream?

Just when you’d adopted a BB cream into your beauty routine, now comes along CC creams. How does this product differ? Here’s what you need to know about this latest beauty product innovation.

woman applying cc cream
It seems like just yesterday BB creams first came into the North American market, and it’s already got a new sibling? Yes, it’s true. CC creams, as they’ve cleverly been called, are only now starting to hit shelves in Canada, and more will come later this year.

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So what is CC cream, anyway?

CC stands for colour and correct (whereas its predecessor’s name stands for beauty or blemish balm). It too is meant as a multi-tasking product. Having just one bottle rather than five cluttering our bathroom vanity is a relief. Where CC cream differs, though, is that it offers more coverage than the sheer coverage offered by most BB creams. So CC creams are a good choice if you’ve found BB creams give you too little coverage. And given their heavier coverage, CC creams come in a wider range of colours than BB creams do, so you can be sure to find one that matches your skin tone perfectly.

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Who’s making them?

Where CC creams resemble BB creams is in the anti-aging benefits they offer, hence the “correct” part of the name. Fine lines are minimized, and more brightness is delivered to aging, dull skin.

Note: If you prefer more coverage, you might be better off sticking with foundation and concealer and using a CC cream out of convenience on days when you’re in a rush or when travelling, as its coverage is still not as heavy as foundation.

Two of the first brands to hit the beauty aisles in North America are Juice Beauty and Chanel. From Juice Beauty, the key benefits of Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream are repairing DNA damage while aiding in cell regeneration, thanks to its antioxidant-rich cream. Chanel’s CC Cream Complete Correction is already available in Asia (where BB creams first took off), but it will launch in other markets this year, including Canada. As for the first mass market brand you will be able to get your hands on, Cover Girl is launching its version of CC cream later this year. Its focus will be on reducing hyper-pigmentation and the appearance of fine lines and blotchy marks.

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