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Our picks for fun, free Family Day activities

Feb. 18 marks Family Day in several provinces in Canada — a day off from work and school that allows families to have time to simply be together.

family sledding

Here are some fun, free ways to make the most of this day and help you remember during the hustle and bustle of everyday life how great your family is.

Embrace the snow

Bundle up and head outside if you live in an area with lots of snow. Be a kid again, and build a snowman or fort, make snow angels, have a snowball fight or simply go for a walk. If any small hills are nearby and you own a sled, go sledding. Be sure to pick a location that’s safe and free of rocks or branches that might be hidden in the snow. If the temperature is way below freezing, don’t spend too much time outside. Once your snow activities come to an end, treat everyone to some hot soup or hot chocolate.

Get a bit competitive

Have the kids choose their favourite board games, and take turns playing them as a family. If you have a video game system with enough controllers, play some multi-player games. Getting a bit competitive within the family isn’t a bad thing and will definitely allow for some bonding this Family Day. To make things more interesting, have a tournament to win a really good prize (like no chores for the next week or the authority to decide what’s for dinner for the next two days).

Have a movie night and an indoor picnic

Get loved ones involved in preparing their favourite snacks, agree on a movie, and have your very own movie night. If you’re in the mood to laugh or take a trip down memory lane together, pop in old home videos for some quality time.

Have a bake-off

Is there a favourite dessert in the family? Gather the ingredients, and have everyone pitch in to bake some goods you can enjoy together afterward. If your household is large, split into teams, have a bake-off, and then invite a neighbour or family friend to try the baked goods. Ask him or her to be the judge, and whichever team has the tastier baked goods wins not having to do chores for the next few days.

Check your local listings

Your city or town might have free shows, exhibits and complimentary admissions to activities or other events on Family Day, so check your local listings, and plan ahead. Whatever you decide to do, remember why you have the day off work or school, and genuinely make the most of it. Besides, while you should be spending time with your family all year long, a day dedicated to it comes only once a year.

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