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Job skills you need to rise to the top

Fired up and ready to move ahead at your job this year? Whether it’s to lay down the foundation to move up or an actual promotion you’re gunning for, these are the skills you need to help you succeed.

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It’s a tough job market out there, so whether you’re after that promotion or simply want to maintain your standing as a valued staff member, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate the skills that will make you a respected team member. Focus on these six skills to help earn you accolades at the office.

Social media smarts

Even if your job isn’t directly tied to using social media, knowing what’s going on in this medium shows you’re modern and savvy. Being an active user of social media could help inform you on your industry and keep you on top of the latest news and findings, which is always important no matter what field you’re in.

A positive personal brand

Maintaining a clean and positive presence on social media is essential, especially if you’re job-hunting. Human resources and recruiters regularly check out potential applicants on a variety of social media, so use these media to demonstrate your knowledge and healthy lifestyle.


In an effort to cut down on costs, companies often don’t fill positions once someone has left the job. Keeping a positive attitude and being flexible (within reason) about responsibilities you might be tasked with as a result will put you in a better position than the employee who refuses to change a thing about their job.

Additional skills

With organizations opting to staff fewer people, you are more of an asset when you possess skills that aren’t necessarily related to your job itself. Let’s say, for example, you’re particularly IT savvy or have a knack for graphic design even though your job is in logistics. You’ll be seen in a new, positive light by having such “extra” skills. Also, show an eagerness to pursue continued learning so you’re always improving upon your skill set.

Writing skills

Don’t let the slang and casual tone you use in social media (not to mention poor grammar and typos) cause your writing skills to deteriorate. Clear communication and proper spelling and grammar are always called for in the workplace, so be sure to keep your writing skills sharp.

Networking skills

Social media has greatly eased the ability to interact with contacts in the industry, but the fact remains that face-to-face meetings and real-life contact is still a must. Interpersonal skills and the ability to make connections with people are essential. Join professional groups, attend conferences and trade shows, and practice the art of chit-chat.

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