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Vacation in style: What to pack for a winter beach getaway

Packing for a winter beach getaway can be a little nerve-racking, as you’re switching from below-zero weather to a humid 30 degrees or more practically overnight. Resolve your packing dilemma by taking a look at these stylish beach items.

beach sarong

Sarong or pareo

When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to spend a ton of time planning out what you’re going to wear each day. That’s why having a sarong or pareo can come in handy. Simply throw on your bathing suit, tie a stylish piece of fabric around you, and you’re good to go. This sheer “Sea Life” pareo (, $39) comes in three equally stunning patterns that will have you feeling almost ethereal as you stroll along the beach. And to ensure you make the most of your pareo, check out this useful video tutorial on the many ways you can tie it.

beach sunglasses

Stylish sunglasses

Spending day after day under the blazing sun definitely requires a good pair of sunglasses. The important thing with sunglasses is to go less for current trends and focus more on what suits your face shape and style preferences. Some women prefer the classic, sleek look of aviators, such as these “Busick” sunglasses ( $12), while others lean toward more dramatic styles and frames along the lines of these cat-eye sunglasses (, $30). There are no rules when it comes to picking out sunglasses that work for you, so try on several looks and styles before making your choice.

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beach sandals

Attractive sandals

Footwear for a beach vacation needs to have two qualities: Shoes need to be equal parts comfortable and stylish. You don’t want to stroll along the beach in stilettos, but you also don’t want to turn up to dinner in worn flip-flops. These Dolce Vita “Darcie” sandals (, $72) achieve the perfect balance — you can walk around comfortably and feel elegant at the same time all vacation long.

beach tote

Beach tote

If you plan to spend a large chunk of your vacation on the beach or by the poolside, you’ll need the right tote to hold everything from your towel to your reading material. This straw market tote bag (, $100) has the kind of intricate, decorative style you can feel proud to show off. Plus it’s sizable enough to carry everything you need to keep on hand.

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beach hat

Sun hat

When you’re sitting out in the sun all day, it’s important to keep the brutal rays off your face, and that’s easy to do with the help of this stylish bucket hat with a fabric bow (, $20). There’s no shame in preserving the health of your skin, and you’ll look darn good doing it wearing this chic hat.

beach swimsuit

The perfect bathing suit

Choosing a bathing suit is probably the hardest part of beach packing. It’s likely what you’ll be wearing the most, so of course you want to bring one you feel comfortable and attractive in. This All About Eve “Utopia” floral print moulded bikini set (, $89) is a fun and flirty choice to start off your vacation. And for those days when you’ve hit the breakfast buffet a little too hard and don’t feel like baring your midriff, slip on this chic striped belt, moulded cup suit (, $53). Lots of great styles can be found out there, so don’t give up until you find the perfect ones you can wear with confidence.

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