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Our favourite red decor items

Whether you’re a crazy eclectic who wants loads of colour or a minimalist who needs an accent piece, these decor treasures are sure to please. Get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day in a more modern way with these red home accents.

Show your heart

heart curio shelf

This “love-ly” little curio shelf (, $34) is not only adorable and useful but would also add that bit of je ne sais quoi to any space. You can leave it empty or fill it up with cutesy things; it will look great no matter what. Its slender, metal construction makes it subtle enough to pair with other accent items but bold enough to be noticed in a toned-down space.

Light up

red pendant light

If your space lacks a bit of personality or a pop of colour, this classic pendant light (, $130) will do the trick. The maker even allows you to customize your finish and choose your own cord kit, so in the end you get exactly what you wanted. The red shade, the shape and the crafted iron give this light a vintage flair, and it will add character to any room.

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Be a hoot

red owl pillow

Looking for something unique? This vintage owl pillow (, $30) is definitely it. First off, each cover is cut and sewn by hand. Second, the print is provided by an independent artist, so you aren’t feeding a major corporation. This petite accessory will even brighten and liven up a beat-up couch or the blandest bedding set. Plus, it will serve as a great conversation starter at your next party. Win-win.

Add some ambiance

candle holder lantern

Do those side tables need a bit more pizzazz, or is your desk in need of colour? This cut-out design lantern (, $5) has your back! It’s elegant, it’s eye-catching, and it adds some romance to a space. This little accent piece is also affordable, so you can stock up or save a penny for some scented candles. This candle holder is chic but incredibly simple, so it will suit a variety of decorative styles.

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