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Top tips for a romantic look

Whether you’re planning for Valentine’s Day with your beau or you’re single and looking to hit the dating scene, a soft, romantic look is one you’ll want to be able to achieve.

Valentine's Day beauty

Through our hair and makeup, we have the ability to transform how we look and feel. And a look that’s pretty and romantic is definitely one we should all have among our mix of beauty looks. Whether it’s for a hot date, to land your crush or simply for yourself (sometimes you just want to feel pretty and in the mood for love, oui?), here are some tips for doing your hair and face to create an appealing, come-hither look.


Style your hair so it calls out to be touched

For touchable, soft hair, you have to start by making sure it’s in good condition. A weekly hair treatment will help add strength and give it the TLC it needs. Apply a treatment on Sunday mornings, and wrap your hair up in a towel to let the mask penetrate as you enjoy your coffee and newspaper.

As for styling it, this is not the time for putting it up into a tight bun or flat-ironing it stick straight. You want your hair to look bouncy, natural and soft. Add volume to your hair by blow-drying it with your head upside down to add lift to the roots. If you have a set of hot rollers or Velcro rollers, use the extra-large size to add even more volume and to give a slight wave to your tresses. This will give you that coveted Victoria’s Secret model hair look.

Last but not least, be sure to use a flexible-hold hairspray and not one with a firm hold. The idea is to make your hair look and feel like there’s nothing in it.


Apply makeup in a soft, flirty way. Think girl next door!

Start with an even, flawless complexion. If you’re not used to wearing foundation, try a tinted moisturizer or BB cream to help even out your skin tone. Then add a touch of highlighter powder or cream to your cheekbones and a fresh apricot shade to the apples of your cheeks. This will add a freshness to your face.

Lashes are also key — you need long lashes to flutter, after all. Start with an eyelash curler to give your lashes extra oomph (curling your lashes will open up your eyes more), and then apply a lengthening mascara. If you want an extra-dramatic look, add some individual flare faux lashes to the outside half of each eye.

For your lips, you can’t go wrong with a fairly natural pink pout (red is much more sexy, and anything more trendy, such as orange, is more on the bold side). Skip the gloss; while the high shine is perfect for a night out dancing, the texture and sometimes goopiness of it don’t make for kissable-looking lips. Instead, apply a lip stain (for lasting colour), and then layer overtop a tinted lip balm or lip butter in a similar shade so your lips are soft and smooth.

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