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How to host a royal-themed baby shower

Whether it’s nine in the morning or five in the afternoon, British royals always enjoy a good cup of tea. So no matter what time you’re throwing your baby shower, a tea party is a great way to go.

royal tea party
We share some tips on how to throw a royal baby shower that’s equal parts classic and modern day.

Select signature royal drinks

Tea is, of course, a must for your royal tea party, but to make it extra special, arrange a variety of teas on a tray, and let guests choose which flavour they’d like to drink. If you have a large hot water dispenser, setting it out is ideal because guests can help themselves to more tea as desired. If not, just be attentive to when your guests have run out.

Serving your tea in real teacups rather than in the big mugs we tend to drink from today is a special touch. If your grandmother didn’t leave you with enough to go around, stop by a local thrift store. Many of them have shelves of beautiful teacups at very low prices.

If you think guests won’t be entirely satisfied with just tea, have an elegant alcoholic option on hand to offer. A tasty hot toddy or a classic kir royale is perfectly suitable at such a regal occasion.

Serve elegant and tasteful treats

Nothing suits a royal tea party better than scones. This traditional baked good has been a favourite of British kings and queens for years. Although you can certainly serve them in their traditional form, you can also update them with one of these decadent variations. And if you think your guests would enjoy having a healthier alternative available to them, whip up these nutritious fruit-filled oat scones.smoked salmon crepe

Of course, no tea time would be complete without finger sandwiches. But this being a royal tea party, simple cucumber triangles will not do! Instead, serve these divine smoked salmon crepe rolls. Place appetizers on a display such as this antique silver tiered stand (, $168) for a regal effect.

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Plan creative royal games

Games are a fun and entertaining part of a baby shower, and they don’t have to be complicated. One option is to start off by giving each woman that enters a simple, beaded bracelet. You can pick them up for next to nothing at a dollar store. The object of the game is to not cross your legs (no matter how ladylike you might be!) If a guest catches another sitting with her legs crossed, the culprit must give that guest her bracelet. The woman with the most bracelets by the end of the party is the winner. Games like this that go on throughout the party are an ideal way to keep everyone engaged and having fun.

It’s also a good idea to set aside a time when everyone sits down to play a game together. In the spirit of your party’s theme, make it something having to do with royalty, such as handing out sheets of paper and asking a series of royalty-based questions that require creative answers. They can be anything from “come up with a hilarious but believable royal name” to “which two royals would have the funniest-looking baby?” At the end everyone votes on which answers they liked best, and whoever has the most votes is the winner.

To give the games an extra-competitive edge, have royal-themed prizes on hand, such as packages of specialty tea or elegant cocktail napkins.

Make it your own

When all is said and done, your guest of honour will just be happy to see you and so many of her friends and family gathered to celebrate the arrival of her very own prince or princess. So don’t worry if every serving tray you use isn’t sterling silver or if your living room isn’t decorated with antiques. By using a few simple pieces you can find at your local thrift store or Dollarama, you can create a chic yet simple royal-themed shower she’ll never forget.

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