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Best of Etsy: Jewellery boxes

Keeping track of your jewellery is every bit as important as picking the right jewellery. And with these stunning jewellery boxes from Etsy, it’s easy to keep all your pieces safe.


Store your
jewels In style

You pick each bracelet, necklace and set of earrings with love and care, so be sure to give your case the same treatment by selecting one of these beautiful handmade jewellery boxes.

Mahogany-stained wood

Oak tree box

A wooden jewellery box is a natural and elegant way to hold all your special tokens. This oak tree jewellery box by Sixth & Elm features a beautiful mahogany stain and an elegantly burned image of an oak tree in its centre. The shop carries plenty of other lovely and nifty options if you’re looking for something different. You can even find a Harry Potter-themed jewellery box or one with a more vintage vibe. There’s something for everyone!

Secret storage book

Alice in Wonderland book box

Do you have some particularly pricey or meaningful pieces of jewellery you couldn’t bear to see disappear? Then you’ll love the collection of hollowed-out books available at Secret Storage Books. You can find everything from Alice in Wonderland to The Lord of the Rings, hollowed out and ready for you to safely tuck your valuables into. Now that takes jewellery safekeeping to a whole new level!

Birch-bark box

Birch bark bred box

If you’re on the hunt for a truly unique container to hold your jewellery, this organic birch-bark box made by BirchBarkConcepts can’t be beat. The shop offers many other designs if you’re looking for a smaller option. With so many intricate, unique and beautiful boxes to choose from, you’ll have trouble picking just one!

Small keepsake box

Elm wood keepsake box

Some women need a big box to hold a multitude of heavy necklaces and big bangles. But if you have only a few special pieces you want to keep safe, a small trinket box such as this elm wood keepsake container by Peter Sugars will be absolutely perfect. Plus, its sweet simplicity will add an elegant touch to your space.

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