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What to do with leftover Christmas treats

The Christmas tree is going to come down soon, and you have lots of chocolate, Christmas cookies and other desserts left. Here are some tips to get rid of the holiday leftovers quickly but without wasting food.

Leftover Christmas cookies

Bring treats to the office

If you have lots of chocolate left over, put it all in a bowl, and keep it at your desk for your co-workers to enjoy or at the reception area for visitors. Just make sure to not eat them yourself. If you have cookies and other desserts, leave them in the staff room fridge for your co-workers to indulge in. This is a great way to cheer others up when they’ve come back to work after the celebrations are over.

Give treats to neighbours

This works especially well for Christmas cookies you baked but have left over. Buy some decorative boxes, nicely package up the cookies, and then give them to your neighbours. Even though it’s past Christmas and the festivities are over, the gesture will be appreciated.

Send the little ones to school with treats

Of course, for allergy purposes, this only works with treats that are nut-free. Sending your child to school with treats to share with her classmates is a fast and nice way to get rid of holiday leftovers. Sharing is caring, after all. The kids will surely appreciate it — though the teacher dealing with their sugar high, not so much.

Use leftover chocolate as a baking ingredient

Not that you’ll be baking if you have desserts left, but this is something my mom does when she makes pancakes, for example. Chop up leftover chocolate to use as chocolate chips in pancakes or oatmeal. Another idea is to melt the chocolate and make fondue to dip your favourite fruits in. A yummy and semi-healthy treat.

Spread some cheer

If you can package the treats and include any allergy information, find a shelter that will take them. It’s a small way to spread some cheer, but many less fortunate won’t have the chance to enjoy Christmas treats this holiday season, so it’s a sweet gesture.

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