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Hat trends for this winter season

Don’t ignore your head when it comes to fashion. This season, explore your hatting options, and embrace something new.

Woman wearing trapper hat

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s winter. While it’s easy to pick up on clothing trends, what about your headwear? Luckily the fashion industry has taken care of that for you — hats are no longer all the same. This winter season offers a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

Think colours

While shape is incredibly important for any headwear, that’s not the only characteristic that defines a trend. Of course, black and grey hats are always in style, but maybe try being a little more adventurous with your colour scheme this time around. A saturated wine colour, for example, looks beautiful with most skin tones and hair colours. So does teal (think Gucci fedoras). If you’re looking for something different but on the safer side of things, try a brown shade (a la Ralph Lauren).

Think styles


For any Canadian gal, a toque is a staple. This season, look for loose-knit, oversized or “saggy” toques. They’re warm and bring a nonchalant edge to your look.

Trapper and sable hats

Why not try a hat from one of the coldest countries in the world? Russia. Trapper hats are incredibly popular this season and are sold everywhere in a variety of styles. They’re warm and have flaps to protect your ears from the treacherous cold.

Sable hats are on the more feminine side of things but will still keep you warm. Traditionally they’re made out of rabbit’s fur, but we suggest you go for faux. These hats go with everything, so for inspiration, check out Banana Republic’s Anna Karenina collection.


These are not just a man’s accessory anymore. Wool fedoras have gained quite a loyal following in the fashion world. In a bright colour and with a satin ribbon or a feather, they all go. Think Ruffian, Betsey Johnson and Blugirl collections.

Think headbands and earmuffs


Knit headbands have recently become a hot accessory. They’re sold all over the place. They come in every colour. They come embellished. Whatever you want. Look for wide, wool headbands for maximum warmth and ear cover. Just a word of advice: If you do choose to wear a headband this season, make sure your hair is protected from the cold.


These are either a hit or a miss. If you choose to wear earmuffs, do not buy ones that look like a dead Muppet! Faux fur is quite popular this season, and keep in mind that the size of your earmuffs should be proportionate to your face. Basically, if you have a narrow visage, do not get huge, puffy earmuffs.

Quick Tip

We recommend buying headwear in store — you just never know until you try it on. Don’t be afraid to explore all your options; you may be surprised at what looks best on you. Experiment!

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