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6 Cozy and chic pet beds we love

Say goodbye to chewed-up blankets and tattered pillows. It’s time to add some style to the way your furry friends sleep.

Sleepy kitty

You may not think pet beds could actually integrate with your decor (as oppose to detract from it), but we’ve found a few that are not only comfortable and functional but stylish to boot.

Pei pod

pEi Pod

If you thought all pet beds were created equal, you haven’t laid eyes on the pEi Pod, a sleek egg-shaped dome for cats or dogs (, prices vary according to size). The pods come in different sizes in mint green or pink with either a pink or yellow cushion. We love the unconventional shape and modern design that make a cheerful addition to any room. This is one pet bed you won’t want to hide in a corner when guests come over.

Urban demin pet bed

Urban denim lounge bed

No matter what your colour scheme is at home, this dark, denim-covered dog bed should easily work with your decor (, $138). The material feels soft, yet it’s durable enough to withstand the regular wear and tear that — let’s face it — happens with most dogs. Elevated sides add comfort, and both the removable cover and filler can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning. We especially like the fact that the filling is made from 100 per cent post-consumer, certified-safe recycled plastic bottles.

Faux Bearskin

Faux bearskin

You’ll be giving Fluffy somewhere ultra soft to stretch out when you come home with this chic faux bearskin rug (, $30). The luxurious sleeping space is furry on one side for optimum warmth and comfort, while the other side is covered in a red plaid fabric. Whether you place it by the fireplace or at the foot of your bed, you won’t mind having this pet bed as part of your decor.

Shearling pet bed

Chestnut shearling Bauhaus pet bed

You get a couch to call your own, so why not your pup? Make sure your pet is seriously pampered by adding one of these shearling loungers to your arsenal of pet essentials (, $120). Not only is it comfortable and easy to stretch out on (for pets who like their space), the neutral hue means it won’t clash with your overall colour scheme.

retro styled pet bed

Retro modern pet bed

Treat the cute cat in your life to a bed as unique as she is. We immediately fell for these intriguing retro-inspired beds, with a mod, curved design and upholstered in vintage fabric (, $84 to $98). It’s ideal for any size of cat (or even small dog), and we were especially smitten with the eye-catching shapes and colourful fabrics of so many of the beds.

Wailea pet bed

Blueblood Wailea dog pillow

Add a pop of pretty purple colour to your home, and provide your pooch with a comfy spot to sleep with this stylish dog pillow (, $105). The vibrant floral print adds visual appeal, and the large size makes it perfect for dogs of all sizes. If purple doesn’t go with your decor, several other patterns and hues are available.

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