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Winter tights you don’t want to miss

Don’t let the cold weather make your legs feel unloved. These attractive trends in tights will keep your legs safe from the biting winter air — and you’ll feel sexy and stylish all the while!

Diamond pattern tights

Faux fishnet

Undeniably fishnet tights give off a certain “impression” most ladies would rather avoid, not to mention they don’t provide any warmth during the cold winter months. Fortunately, however, this season offers some great faux fishnet tights. They’re inspired by this racy style but have more coverage and create a classier look. These diamond-pattern tights, for instance, are sexy yet stylish, which makes them perfect for work or for a night out (, $16).

hm cable knit tights

Bright colours

There’s always an abundance of neutral tones in fashion during the winter, but you don’t have to completely conform to the beiges, blacks, browns, greys and nudes that pervade the store shelves at this time of year. Tights this season are available in so many bright and playful colours, so don’t miss the opportunity to let your legs do the talking! These cable-knit tights are available in dark green and burgundy, so they’re still wintery but a whole lot more fun (, $13)!

Pin dot tights

Playful dots

Pin dots have been adding a fun flair to men’s ties for years, so it’s about time the ladies got a chance to sport this cute and playful look. The right pair, such as these pin dot sheer tights, will go with just about anything (, $15), so you can add a touch of fun to all your ensembles!

crochet tights

Elegant designs

If you’re on the hunt for something a touch more demure, these crochet tights are for you, as they’re the perfect combination of sexy and elegant (, $16). They show a little more skin than your average opaque tights, but the intricate designs give them a sophisticated flair, making them appropriate for virtually any occasion.

Crazy prints

For those days when you just want to relax with family around the fire or head out for coffee with a friend, a fun pair of patterned tights are in order. These Nordic print tights will keep you cozy and warm, plus they’re too cute for words (, $26). Or for something a little more subtle, check out these textured snowflake sweater tights (, $25). There’s no reason you can’t be warm and stylish!

Nordic print tights

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