Candles and holders for instant home ambiance

While having a variety of lighting in your home is essential, adding candles in different styles of holders will create instant atmosphere. Plan your candlelight strategy with these helpful tips and ideas.

Zen candles

Investing in good general and task lighting is essential to every room in your home, but let’s not overlook candles. Don’t think that candles are only for creating a romantic mood; they can add a lively vibe to a dinner party you’re hosting for friends too!

Select candles while keeping a few things in mind:

  • White candles go with everything, so you never have to worry about them clashing with your tableware or furniture, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip colours. Grouping candles in a variety of shades of the same hue (baby pink, fuchsia, bubble gum pink and deep rose, for example) can create a nice vignette.
  • If you’re using candles for a dinner party, go for unscented. You don’t want the fragrance of the candles to interfere with the aroma of the delicious food you’re serving.
  • Although tea lights are popular and inexpensive, they do burn through pretty quickly. For this reason, use votive and pillar candles when hosting a dinner party so you don’t have to spend time replacing and lighting tea lights throughout the evening.
  • If young children are present, it’s best to avoid using candles altogether, as they’re fire hazards. You wouldn’t want any accidents to happen when small kids are running around.
  • Consider the type of candle holder you’re using, and decide whether you want the look (and potential mess) of drip candles or whether dripless candles would better suit your needs.

Sprucing up your abode

Now for some ideas on how to use the candles and holders you’ve selected:

Use them as a centrepieces

Candle trio living room

Rather than buy an expensive floral arrangement, use inexpensive candles in a variety of heights to create a centrepiece. If they’re for a rectangular table where people will be sitting across from one another, make sure the tallest candles don’t get in the way of their views of one another (that would make it hard for people to make eye contact and have a conversation!). This means that ornate candelabrum is better left on the sideboard. If you place the selection of candles on a mirrored tray, you’ll get extra sparkle from the reflection!

Create a pretty pattern with candlelight

Shop for candle holders that will create stunning patterns on your walls or ceiling once the candles are lit. What you’re looking for are Moroccan-type candle holders or any type of holder that encloses the candle and features a pattern of holes through which the candlelight disperses in an intricate pattern.

Go with a trio of hurricanes for a classic look

You really can’t go wrong with a set of classic hurricanes. They go with pretty much every decor style, and you can easily switch up the style by changing the colour of the candles or by filling the hurricane with different materials. Try emerald glass stones (it is the colour of 2013, after all), and then switch to red or silver for the holiday season. Or create a beachy look by using sand instead. Bonus: You can take your hurricanes from inside to the great outdoors for your backyard barbecues in the summer; the height of the glass will keep the breeze from blowing out your candles.

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