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Creative Christmas wrapping

A beautifully packaged gift will add to the anticipation of unwrapping it, so let your creativity shine with these fun gift wrapping ideas!

woman wrapping christmas presents

Family inspiration

Children’s art

Have your child draw a picture, doodle or write a letter or poem on an easel or kraft paper, then use it to wrap your holiday gifts. Tie on a coordinating ribbon with a candy cane or set of bells for a fun wrapped gift that’s sure to be a hit with parents and grandparents alike.

Photo wrap paper

Create a unique and personal wrapping paper by printing your snapshots onto regular copy paper. Have fun using your favourites, but for a sentimental touch, try scanning and printing childhood photos or pictures of older family memories that will bring a smile — and maybe even a happy tear — to the recipient’s face.sheet music wrapping paper

Personal interests

A music lover would appreciate a present wrapped up in sheet music, while a sports fan would love unwrapping a gift from the sports section of the daily paper. You might also consider using pages from newspaper comics or comic books, travel magazines or maps.

Bags, boxes and more

Inspired gift bags

An ordinary gift bag can be something special when adorned with a few festive touches. Try weaving a piece of Christmas ribbon through the top of a plain bag, use festive rubber stamps to jazz up a brown paper bag or fold down the top of a standard gift bag. Then wrap a wide piece of pretty ribbon lengthwise around the bag, and finish with a large bow in the middle.

Jewel boxes

A shiny lacquered box can easily stand on its own as an inspired way to wrap up a Christmas gift, but it becomes something more with a simple embellishment. Turn a plain box into a glamorous creation with hot glue and acrylic gems by accenting the top of the box with clear crystals in a snowflake pattern or green emeralds in the shape of a Christmas tree. Or try using spray adhesive and craft glitter for another kind of sparkly touch.


Tins and containers of all shapes and sizes are unique ways to wrap up gifts. They have traditionally been used for food gifts but are fun for other presents as well! You can leave them plain and simple with only the addition of ribbon and a bow, or wrap up the tins up in pretty fabric or paper.

Present toppers and ties

  • Beautiful ribbon is a nice way to finish wrapping up a gift, but lace, fabric sashes, jute, raffia, coloured and glitter string, yarn or long, fluffy pipe cleaners are other options.
  • Take a hand-painted wooden letter or one cut out of card stock, and use coloured string to attach the monogram to the top of the present.
  • Hang a few small acrylic snowflakes or one large one from a thin, silver ribbon that’s tied around your gifts.
  • Weave strips of satin ribbon together over undecorated paper to create a cute basket effect.
  • Put on your thinking cap, and have fun! Let your imagination be your guide to creating wonderfully wrapped gifts all your friends and family are sure to love.

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