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What not to give your partner this Christmas

We often hear that it is the thought that counts but we don’t think that is always the case and neither will your partner. Think twice before getting one of these gifts for that special someone in your life.

Man and Woman upset with gifts

Giving a gift with some sort of sentimental value shows you’ve put in some thought rather than just picked some random fragrance the lady at the drugstore sold you. But here are some tips on what gifts to avoid this Christmas.

hammerAn appliance or tool for the house

If you’re going to buy your partner a blender because yours broke, think again. Giving a gift the household will use is too impersonal and gives off a careless or thoughtless vibe, unless the appliance or tool has some sort of personal story behind it. For example, if your partner complains he spends too much money on coffee at work, buy him a personal coffee maker for his desk, like a Tassimo, and pair it with his favourite coffees and a customized mug.


isolated pajama bottoms

Unless they’re custom made with his initials, avoid pyjamas. While they are personal wear for sleeping, pyjamas are too general a gift to give your significant other, especially in the early stages of a relationship, when you’re trying to impress your partner or show him you really care about him.

Grooming kits

Unless he has asked you for it or hinted at it specifically, avoid this one altogether. Not only is it too general, but if your husband or boyfriend needed a shaving kit, he’d get one on his own. A special occasion like Christmas should be reserved for showing your boyfriend you care for him, not showing him you dislike his beard.


Unless it’s one he’s had his eye on for a while but the price is too high, you can be more creative than giving your partner cologne. In fact, just like you have many unopened or unused perfumes lying around on your dresser, your boyfriend probably has the same. If you must get him cologne, choose one you’d love to smell all day and that he’d like to smell all day so that he’ll actually wear it. And please, no old-man scents!

Tickets for something you’d like

Getting him tickets to the ballet or a show you’ve been dying to see is not only a selfish gift, but a sneaky way to drag him out to something he really has no interest in. If you know your man well enough to know he’d be really interested in seeing something with you, then go for it. Otherwise, save those gifts for your girlfriends.

isolated necktie

A tie

Unless it’s just a stocking stuffer, ties are also too general to be gifted on their own for Christmas. If it’s a tie you really want to see him wear the next time you go out for a fancy shindig together, be sure to get something a little more personal to go with it like a monogrammed tie clip.

A gift card

Think about how you feel when a very close friend gives you a gift card for your birthday. Gift cards for close family and friends can be considered “cop out” gifts. They’re the gifts you give when you don’t have time or haven’t made an effort to think of something more creative. If you must get a gift card, make sure it’s for something at least a bit personal, like his favourite clothing store or coffee place. Avoid gift cards he’ll probably spend on you, like restaurants you eat at together.

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