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5 Makeup mistakes you might be making

Think you know makeup better than anyone else? Take a look at our list of makeup faux pas to see if you’re one of the many women making these common beauty mistakes every day!

woman applying makeup in mirror

Applying liner around the contour of your lips

While this popular beauty tip has made its way around the globe, it should be stated that it works best for runway models and television stars only. In everyday life, it doesn’t work — at all. The notion that it makes your lips look bigger is true, but in person, it’s totally visible and not flattering in the least. It’s not a beauty tip designed for the average gal.


Wearing the wrong colour of bronzer

Bronzer can be used year-round, but keep in mind your skin tone in summer and in winter can be very different. If you’re wearing a dark bronzer when your skin underneath is pale, trust us, you’re not fooling anyone. It won’t make you look more tanned, only mismatched. The face and neck should always be the same colour.


Wearing the wrong red lipstick

Yes, we know that a bold red lip is in, but you have to find the shade of red that works best for you. Cherry red doesn’t suit every skin tone. Depending on your skin’s undertones, you may need a deep burgundy red, a pinkish red, an orange red or even a crimson shade. Try out every shade before committing to a purchase, and ask the beautician at the counter or store for help in selecting the perfect shade.


Wearing clumpy mascara

We know you want thick, full lashes, but applying 10 coats of mascara isn’t the way to achieve them. You need a formula that is thick on its own, and you should never apply more than two to three coats per eye. Otherwise your lashes will look clumpy, and that’s just not a flattering look. The idea is for your lashes to look smooth and natural. For best results, apply one coat at a time, alternating between eyes. This will allow the previous coat to dry before you add more, which can prevent excessive clumping.


Applying too much blush

Blush should be swept onto either the apples of your cheeks or your cheekbones. Never apply to both. If you’re looking to brighten up the hollows of your cheeks, go for it, but try not to cover the entire area, as it can look very unnatural and overdone. Remember, with makeup, less is definitely more.

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