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10 Tips for perfect holiday makeup

Whether it’s a NYE party or office holiday cocktail, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than stunning this year. Find out how these quick and simple makeup tips can make you look ultra glam this holiday season.

woman wearing holiday makeup


Beware of too much foundation

Yes, we want to cover up those unsightly imperfections for the office Christmas party, but too much foundation can look just as unattractive. Instead, apply concealer only to the problem spots first, then finish off with a very light layer of foundation. Your imperfections will be hidden, and your skin will look positively gorgeous and not overdone.


Choose one area to highlight


The key to perfect holiday makeup is to catch attention without overdoing it. Opt for a bold red lip or a sultry, smoky eye. If you enhance just one area and leave the rest subdued, you’ll definitely turn a few heads your way.


Illuminate your skin

The holidays are a great time to opt for shimmering eye makeup or illuminator for the cheekbones. It can help accentuate your best assets and make your look fancier than it normally is — perfect for a fabulous holiday party! Plus, a pearly eyeshadow provides a subtle glow that enhances the shape and colour of the eyes.


Wear lip balm under your lipstick

Nothing’s worse than a gorgeous red pout spoiled by cracked, dry lips. Make sure to hydrate your lips all day long, and don’t be afraid to layer on the balm at night before bed. Allowing the hydrating formula to penetrate your lips overnight will help keep them smooth longer the next day. Winter is notorious for drying out our skin and lips; fight back with a hydrating lip treatment.


Always wear eyeliner

For a sultry gaze that will add the wow factor to your look, black eyeliner can’t be overlooked. It can add the illusion of length and volume to your lashes, and it can also help widen your eyes, opening them up and making them stand out even more than usual.


Don’t go red and gold

Yes, there are some fabulous red lipsticks and gold eyeshadows on the market — especially around holiday time — but that doesn’t mean you need to dress your face up like a Christmas tree. Choose one or the other, but don’t feel obligated to select either just because it’s the holiday season. If you do genuinely love those shades, opt for either gold lids or red lips. Not both.


Wear false lashes

If you’re attending an evening party, like a New Year’s Eve extravaganza, a pair of luscious false lashes may be called for. Not only are they wallet friendly, but they look ultra glamorous and will definitely take your look from ordinary to extraordinary.


Keep your brows coiffed

You can try as you might to apply your makeup perfectly, but if you leave your unruly brows untamed, they will certainly snag all the attention. Pluck the extra hairs, use a brow pencil to fill them in and shape them, then use a brow brush to set them in place.


Go for a navy smoky eye

Don’t assume your smoky eyes have to be the traditional black and grey. Navy smoky eyes are in this season, and they can be the perfect way to get all dolled up without feeling like your makeup is too harsh. This look is especially great for gals who aren’t used to wearing much makeup.


Opt for a light, fresh fragrance

A dash of flirty or sexy perfume is a great finishing touch for any holiday outfit. Just be sure to wear something light and fresh, and don’t spray on more than usual. The last thing you want to do is flood everyone’s olfactory senses at the party.

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