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Surprising ways to decorate with Christmas ornaments

Ornaments can be used for much more than simply adding a decorative touch to the Christmas tree. They can also be a fun way to bring Christmas cheer to any room in the house.

bowl of christmas ornaments

Deck the halls — and everywhere else — with Christmas ornaments this year. These 10 ideas are so simple and fun, you may be surprised if you haven’t tried them all yet!


Ornament napkin ring

  • Tie a pretty ornament to the front of a rolled-up white napkin with a coordinating ribbon.
  • Or use three mini ornaments attached by small ribbons to a larger ribbon, then tie it around the napkin in the same fashion.

Tray of candles

  • Add three or five pillar candles in differing heights to a metallic tray or plate charger.
  • Surround the candles with coordinating ornaments in all shapes and sizes.

Stairway decor

  • Add swags of festive greenery to the handrail of your stairs.
  • Thread a piece of thin ribbon through the hangers of your Christmas ornaments, and then hang the ornaments between the spindles of your stairs.
  • Hang them at varying heights for the most impact.

Bough garland

  • Gather fallen tree branches from your yard or local park, and attach them to the top of a window, to a door frame or to the fireplace mantel.
  • Using their hooks, attach several ornaments to the branch.
  • Another option is to use fishing line to hang the ornaments from the bare branches, and have the decorations drop down over the window or door at varying heights.

A trio of ornament towers

  • Use small plates or round trays and mid-size ornaments to build stacked ornament pyramids.
  • Keep each stack only three ornaments high, then embellish with a string of bead garland or sprigs of fresh holiday greenery.
  • Place three pyramid pieces down the centre of the table.

Food cards

  • To identify the foods served at your holiday buffet, use a small ribbon to attach a tag listing the recipe name and main ingredients to an ornament that will be placed beside the dish.

Chandelier embellishment

  • Use a branch garland, or simply hang beautiful ornaments from your chandelier.
  • Keep in the mind the style of your ceiling light, and add decorations that suit it or that blend in nicely.
ornaments hanging on chandelier

Potted poinsettias

  • Add a small, standard, foil-wrapped, potted poinsettia to a larger square or round clear glass vase.
  • Drop in similar-scale ornaments around the poinsettia.
  • Add enough ornaments to fill up the clear vase.

Sparkling decorative piece

  • Fill a large crystal or glass punch bowl or vase with a mixture of shiny and matte, small and large ornaments.
  • Use as a centrepiece or to decorate a side table.

Ornament wreath

  • Run a few lines of glue around a 24-inch wreath form, then tightly wrap the form with a wide ribbon.
  • Use an extra piece of the ribbon to make the hanger, and loop it around the top of the wreath.
  • Using a glue gun, attach the larger ornaments to the inside and outside (front only) of the form.
  • Fill in the spaces with smaller ornaments and a bead garland. Keep layering and adding until all the spaces have been covered with a decoration.

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