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Holiday-ready nail polish colours to try

Are you excited to get all dolled up for holiday parties this season? Don’t forget to include your nails in the fashion and beauty extravaganza! These colourful nail polishes will ensure your look is perfectly pulled together from top to bottom.

Christmas style fingernails

The holidays are here, and you want to look your best. You’ve likely picked out your dress, shoes and jewellery. You’ve maybe even planned your makeup and hairstyle. But have you considered how you want to dress up your hands this season? There are so many eye-catching nail polish shades out there this winter that will add the perfect pop of colour to your holiday look.

Zoya gold

Shimmering gold

Metallic tones are perfect for the holidays. They’re in keeping with all the Christmas decor and modern yet classy. Shimmering gold will add an elegant sparkle to your seasonal look. Zoya’s Ziv nail polish is filled with metallic, silver-highlighted gold foil and has warm gold flake glitter accents to make nails positively godly-looking.

Vibrant teal

Green may be the colour of Christmas, but some hues can look a little over-the-top on most fingers and toes. So to capture the spirit of the colour in a more fashionable way, opt for teal. It’s the perfect hue to show you’re in the spirit — in a sexy, sophisticated way. Check out Essie’s teal nail polish called Trophy Wife, and see what you think!

Chick flick red

Scarlet and burgundy

Any kind of red naturally goes well with the holiday season. Deep reds such as scarlet and burgundy are particularly appropriate because they’re sexy, sophisticated and dark enough to go with your look no matter what colour scheme you’re working with. OPI’s Chick Flick Cherry and Malaga Wine are great hues to check out.

Gem crush

Sparkling everything

The holidays are the perfect time to go all out in your fashion choices. So if you love having nails that sparkle and shine, don’t hold back! You have a right to wear whatever your favourite hue is in a fun and vibrant new way. Check out Sally Hansen’s line of Gem Crush nail colours, which comes in eight blingy shades to add pizzazz to your look.

Natural nude

If you prefer giving your nails a natural look and letting your clothes do the talking, there are some classic nude colours to opt for instead. They’ll give your hands a clean and polished look without clashing with your bright ensemble. Naked Ambition and Nude Now from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure line are simple, elegant options to consider.

With the right nail polish, you can have a perfectly pulled-together holiday look in no time at all!

Clear nailpolish

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