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Gift ideas for the friend who has everything

Have a friend who’s impossible to buy for because he or she seems to have everything? We’ve all been there, but there are some gifts that even the most blessed individuals will still greatly appreciate.

friends exchanging christmas gifts

Buying gifts for friends who seem to have everything can be challenging. You don’t want to clutter up their home with gifts they don’t need, but you obviously don’t want to get them nothing. If you think a little outside the box, though, you can find something that special person will truly appreciate.

Tickets to a favourite concert or show

Not everyone takes time out of their busy schedules to buy tickets to shows they would love to attend, so getting your friend a pair of tickets to an event you think he or she will enjoy is a great option. Whether they’re a lover of theatre, film, the ballet, musicals or concerts, it’s usually not too hard to pick an appropriate event. If your friend’s a fan of low-key affairs, give him or her passes to a museum or art gallery.

A relaxing spa treatment

Everyone deserves some special pampering every now and then. Even though your friend may have lots of “things,” that doesn’t mean she commits her time and money to treating herself as much as she should. So getting her a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, facial or massage is a great idea. Once she has a certificate in hand, she’ll have a reason to finally set time aside to do something special for herself. And that’s a gift she’ll truly be grateful for.

handmade giftA handmade gift with a special meaning

There’s a tendency to shy away from handmade gifts out of fear that they’ll seem tacky, but when you pick the right gift, that won’t be the case at all. Just keep in mind that if your friend has a lot of “stuff,” the same kind of stuff in handmade form isn’t the way to go. Instead, give him or her something that is particularly special to your relationship. Creating a scrapbook or multi-opening picture frame that captures your time together is a lovely gift that will provide a piece of practical and sentimental decor.

Heartfelt gift cards

Gift cards get a lot of flack for being too impersonal, but have you ever received a gift card and been upset about it? Not likely. The right gift card will be appreciated by the receiver when it’s the right type of card. For example, if your friend complains that he or she doesn’t go out for dinner enough, get a card for a restaurant you know they’ve been meaning to check out. Choosing a dollar amount for the card can be nerve-racking, but whatever you can afford will be appreciated. To make it a more personal gift, write a heartfelt card that explains why you bought that particular card and what you hope he or she will get out of using it. That way you can show you’ve put some thought and care into your selection.

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