Mini wreath decorations

A Christmas mini wreath is simply a cute, smaller-scale version of a traditional wreath that would normally adorn the entrance to your home. But what are you supposed to do with this fun yet petite decoration? We have a few ideas.

mini wreath on christmas table

Mini wreaths are available in almost any size or material you could want. Craft supply outlets and home decor and dollar stores all carry wide varieties of pre-made wreaths and wreath-making supplies, so it’s easy to pick out your favourites and start decorating!

Table decor

  • A 3- to 4-inch wreath makes a perfect napkin ring to complement your table setting. An embellished grapevine or straw wreath will lend itself well to an informal setting, while one wrapped in a silver or gold satin ribbon or decorated in sparkly mini ornaments would pair well with a formal or contemporary table. For a whimsical touch, use a silver bell wreath that jingles when a guest removes it!
  • Add a personalized name tag to a festive, small-scale wreath, and use it as a place card.
  • Make mini wreath candle rings by decorating small wreath forms in colours that coordinate with the candles.
  • Place a hurricane candle holder inside a small wreath. For the most impact, decorate the wreath with reflective materials, and make sure the scale of the wreath balances with the size of the hurricane. To create an even more dramatic effect, place three of these pieces down the centre of your table.

Around the house

  • Larger mini wreaths (10–12 inches) will make pretty additions to the backs of kitchen chairs or stools. Simply use a piece of wide, festive ribbon to tie the wreaths onto the chair backs.
  • Add some holiday spirit to a china cabinet or to your kitchen by hanging or hooking 8- to 9-inch wreaths to the centres of the cupboard doors. To hang the wreath, just add a small eye hook to the top inside cupboard door — be sure the hook is small enough that it won’t poke all the way through the door — then wrap a ribbon through the wreath, hang it over the door, and tie it around the hook.
  • Make mini wreath snowmen to decorate small wall areas. Take three different sizes of Styrofoam wreath forms (such as 3, 6 and 9 inches), and wrap them individually with white ribbon or cloth. Use a bead of craft glue to firmly adhere the cloth to the form at the top of each ring. Then, again with craft glue, connect the three wreath rings in a snowman shape. Add a top hat shape made from black pipe cleaners, and twist a wide, red ribbon around the neck for a scarf. To make a rustic version, connect three undecorated greenery or grapevine wreaths with wire. Add the hat and scarf, and then hang them.
  • Use mini wreaths to spell out holiday sentiments such as “Peace” or “Noel” or to make a name sign for your child’s bedroom door. Begin by connecting mini wreaths with a wide ribbon. You can connect them tightly together or leave a space between the wreaths. The number of wreaths you use will be equivalent to the number of letters in the word you’re spelling. Then, starting from the top, use a small hook or piece of coordinating ribbon to hang a wooden letter inside each wreath. Add a piece of ribbon to the top, and hang.

More ideas

  • Small 3- to 4-inch wreaths make great Christmas tree ornaments, and decorating your own will mean you get the look you want. It’s also a fun afternoon craft to do as a family.
  • Add coordinating mini wreaths to the front of Christmas presents or Christmas cards.

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