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5 Grown-up Christmas movies

There are plenty of Christmas movies out there to enjoy with the kids, but sometimes it can be nice to kick back and enjoy a more grown-up perspective on the holidays. You can certainly do just that with these great flicks!


Bad Santa

Bad Santa DVD

If you’re tired of the typical rendition of a jolly Santa Claus, then you’ll be pleased to see that Billy Bob Thornton as Kris Kringle is an entirely different concept. In fact, in this quirky movie, Thornton plays a con man who poses as Santa as a way to rob department stores. Definitely not your average Christmas tale.

Available at for $10.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare before xmas dvd

Although this Tim Burton and Henry Selick classic might cause little ones to cover their eyes in confusion and fear, it’s a great throwback adults are sure to enjoy. Stunning visual details, great songs and a sweet love story are all thrown in to make this stop-motion animation film a thrill to watch.

The Collector’s Edition is available at for $19.


The Family Stone

The family stone dvd

When you take an all-star cast and have them tackle a script that’s equal parts drama and comedy, you’re virtually guaranteed a success. And when that movie happens to take place around the holidays, you’re given the rare gift of having a Christmas movie that falls well outside the realm of what you’d typically expect from holiday flicks. Every actor, from Diane Keaton to Sarah Jessica Parker to Rachel McAdams, has a moment to shine and make your heart melt in this well-designed film.

Available at for $10.


Die Hard

Die hard dvdTalk about not being your typical Christmas movie. You won’t find any cheesy holiday plot lines here. Instead you’ll find Bruce Willis doing what he does best as he fights to save his wife and other hostages who’ve been taken captive during their annual Christmas party. Like many holiday movies, it’s a story about love; it just happens to be save-your-spouse-from-crazy-terrorists kind of love rather than let’s-sit-around-the-fire-and-roast-chestnuts kind of love. But the Christmas spirit is still alive and kicking!

The first three movies are available in the Ultimate Collector’s Set at for $22.


A Christmas Carol

Christmas carol dvd

Although The Muppets manage to make Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol seem light and humorous in their version, the original filmic renditions of the story are anything but. In fact, the 1971 version starring Alastair Sim will leave you downright spooked. So you’ll definitely want to put the kiddos to bed before you pop this eerie flick into the DVD player.

Available at for $9.

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