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5 Great gifts for the cook in your life

Have a special person in your life who can never get enough of cooking? Then you’ll have no trouble at all getting them the perfect gift this holiday season!

recipe holder

Recipe holder

Many cooks these days get a lot of their ideas off the internet, but there’s something special about opening a cookbook, new or old, and flicking through to see what you find. Rather than typing a recipe into Google, you get to look at glossy images of all kinds of dishes and see what appeals to you. But using a recipe from a book can be frustrating. The book takes up space on the counter that you need for cooking, it refuses to stay open to the page you need, etc. Let that special cook in your life enjoy the satisfaction of cooking from a book hassle free with the help of a recipe holder such as this vintage blacksmith styled piece (, $44).

cutting board

Specialty cutting boards

With all the slicing, dicing and prepping cooks do, they can wear down cutting boards pretty quickly, so getting your friend a good-quality specialty cutting board is a nice option. This bamboo cutting board with a juice groove is durable, attractive and incredibly practical for cutting juicy fruits and vegetables (, $20). Or if she happens to make her own bread, this specialty bread slicer will certainly come in handy (, $26). Crumbs fall into the drawer below rather than all over the counter, and the slots make it easy to cut bread evenly every time.

electric corkscrew

Electric corkscrew

Between serving wine to guests and using it in recipes, cooks tend to have to open a fair amount of bottles. And although your friend has likely become quite good at it over the years, getting stuck on a tough cork can be frustrating. So make things easier for her by getting her this helpful automatic cordless corkscrew with a rechargeable base (, $36).

fancy apron

Fancy apron

When you’re slaving away in the kitchen, it’s pretty hard to feel like a lady, especially when you’re wearing an old apron covered in stains. Give your friend the gift of feeling attractive and ladylike with a cute apron such as this Buffalo plaid apron (, $59). It comes in several colours, and you can even get it personalized with her name or monogram for an extra-special touch.

knife sharpenerKnife sharpener

A good cook needs good knives. If your friend doesn’t have a knife sharpener, then she could likely use one. Something along the lines of this Wusthof handheld knife sharpener from Williams-Sonoma will get the job done (, $29–$44).

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