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Decorating your first Christmas tree: Styles to consider

If you’ve just moved into a new home and are decorating a Christmas tree for the first time, here’s your chance to customize your ornaments and decorations just as you like. Whether classic and elegant, cozy and homemade or nature-themed, we have some great ideas to get you started.

felt christmas ornaments

Cozy and homemade

If you have kids and know your tree is going to be laden with crafts they make at school, then a tree that focuses on homemade creations is the best choice. When selecting ornaments for this style, look for pieces that have a bit of a pioneer twist to them. Meaning, they’re made of cozy-looking fabrics such as felt or cotton and have handmade touches to them such as cross-stitching, quilting or needlepoint. This set of three felt ornaments from Ms Bitty Knacks on Etsy is a great place to start (, $10). Or if you’re feeling particularly crafty, make your own ornaments. Try tying pieces of ribbon or lace to branches of the tree itself to bring the look together.

deer ornaments

All about nature

It isn’t every day that you get to bring a tree into your home, so if you really love nature and want to celebrate it in an extra-special way, give your Christmas tree a fun nature theme. Look for ornaments that incorporate pine cones, acorns, deer, birds, trees, leaves and snowmen. Don’t worry; they’re everywhere. These deer ornaments from Bowring, for example, bring a piece of the animal world into your home (, $5). And this adorable nesting bird from Pottery Barn is too sweet to pass up (, $13). Or if you’re feeling crafty, try making these snowy pine cone ornaments yourself. It’s a beautiful time of year to celebrate nature.

pottery barn ornaments hope, noel, joy

A golden glimmer

Plenty of colours are associated with the Christmas season, but none of them are quite as pure and elegant as gold. If you want a truly captivating tree for your home, then gold is the only way to go. You can accent it with whites, silvers and occasional pops of red and green, but for the most part it isn’t hard to find glamorous gold decorations that will make your tree sparkle. You can get things off to a unified start with these mercury glass ornaments from Pottery Barn (, $40), and then layer in some more eye-catching pieces such as these “joy,” “hope” and “noel” glass ornaments and this angel ornament (, $30 and $15). When you’re working with gold, it’s easy to put together a tree that will make eyes light up and jaws drop.

silver wreath ornament

An icy classic

If you’re looking for a more modern and dramatic style for your tree, opt for silvers and blues over greens and reds. This will capture the wintery iciness of the season in a classy and sophisticated way. Pick a strand of small, intricate lights in white or blue to start. For this type of modern style, you don’t want to clutter the tree, so add a beaded garland in white, silver or grey, which will contribute a shimmering effect without clogging up the space. Then be very careful in your ornament selection. Look for pieces such as dangling icicles, sparkling silver snowflakes and white or grey balls that will lend pops of elegant colour. These silver wreaths from Urban Barn will blend into the design perfectly, while these blue birds will add a dramatic effect (, $4 and $6). Talk about a classy look.

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