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Tips and tricks for wearing lipstick

Whether you’re uncertain if your lipstick is working for you or are too afraid to try it, we have a tip for you! Just a little collection of advice for any lipstick enthusiast.

variety of lipstick
Lip tips

Makeup wisdom for the ages…

Whether you’re uncertain if your lipstick is working for you or are too afraid to try it, we have a tip for you! Just a little collection of advice for any lipstick enthusiast.

OK, so who hasn’t seen a gorgeous being of a woman walking down the street or sipping a pretentious little cup of espresso whilst rocking a great lipstick?

And while initially it may seem as unrealistic as Napoleon’s plot to conquer Russia, in reality you can actually wear lipstick with cosmetic savvy as well. All you need is the proper tools and knowledge. That’s where we come in. Behold! The soul-stirring collection of wisdom pertaining to the proper application of lipstick. Use wisely.

Choose the right colour

Let’s get candid here: Unless you’re a human chameleon, not every shade of lipstick (or article of clothing) will complement your skin tone. You have to know what your tone is and what accentuates it.

  • Pale. Where are our ghost ladies at? While the common misconception dictates that light-skinned women have a broader range of colour choices, it’s not so. Unless “Goth Minion of the Underworld” is your style descriptor, stay away from dark lipsticks. Stick to those nudes and peachy shades, and if you’re feeling dangerous, try a saturated red lipstick.
  • Olive. Greek, Italian and Turkish chicas, you are in luck, because almost any shade of lipstick will look splendid on that visage of yours. Emphasis on the word “almost.” Stay clear of purples and browns; they will wash you right out.
  • Dark. You have the holy grail of colour possibilities. Whatever shade of lipstick your little heart desires can and should be slapped onto those lips. We recommend experimenting with some bright hues for an enticing pop of colour.

Proper application is key

It doesn’t matter which shade of lipstick you wear if it looks like the entire cosmetic industry threw up on your face. You have to know how to apply it well, as if Aphrodite herself descends every morning to your vanity to adorn your lips with some beautiful hue.

  • Longevity. Constantly reapplying lipstick throughout the day is probably not how you’d like to spend your time. So first of all, invest in a quality lipstick; it will prove itself in long-lasting wear. Second, apply a thin layer of foundation as a primer to your lips. It will keep your lipstick in place longer.
  • Pencil it out. To keep lipstick from bleeding and to keep the shape of your lips sharp and neat, use a lip liner. Choose a liner shade closest to the colour of your lipstick. We mean it — no purple lipstick paired with hot pink liner! To keep those lines crisp, adopt cotton swabs as your best friend.

Make it work for you

variety of lipstick

Oftentimes lipstick can seem out of place with your wardrobe or disjointed from the rest of your makeup. This is when you have to make it work for you.

  • Makeup coordination. This is a big one! Don’t slap red lipstick to your pucker and then draw on raccoon eyes; pick your focal point! Emphasize a strong lip by going minimal on your eyes and vice versa. If you’re applying bronzer, do not put on hot pink lipstick, unless you are a Barbie or a potato chip with a lipstick stain on it. Be mindful of your colour palette and its complementary shades.
  • Mismatched clothes. If you’re going for a sultry Marilyn Monroe look with your lipstick but are wearing sweatpants, something ain’t right! Your lipstick should be a part of your look, not some distraction. For example, don’t wear a dark shade on your lips if you’re dressed in pastels from head to toe. Like all makeup, lipstick should complement and enhance your face as well as your personal style. Coordinate your wardrobe and lipstick shades accordingly.

What’s most important is that you have to be comfortable with your lipstick choice; otherwise it will never work! Try different colours and brands until you find your soulmate. Keeping these guidelines in mind, don’t be afraid to experiment, and have fun with it!

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