The dos and don’ts of dressing for a Canadian winter

It can get pretty darn cold in the winter all over our great country. To make it through the season comfortably, take into account these dos and don’ts of cold-weather attire.

woman wearing winter clothing

Don’t cheap out on the coat

A warm coat is the most important item of your winter wardrobe. Without it you’ll constantly feel uncomfortable from the chilly air, or you’ll have to wear layer upon layer underneath to keep warm. And that’s no fun at all. Short coats, although stylish, leave too much space for air to get in and cool down your body. So opt for a coat that falls to at least below your bum. One that goes down to your knees is even better. Although you certainly can have a cropped leather jacket, edgy military look or graceful cape for certain occasions, make sure you have one high-quality coat you can count on to keep you warm.

Do have a pair of waterproof boots

Nothing makes for a miserable day quite like soaking wet feet that you can’t get dry. And that’s exactly what will happen if you don’t have waterproof boots in a Canadian winter. Having a collection of stylish boots for nice-weather days is perfectly fine, but you need a sturdy boot you can count on in case you step in a puddle or have to shuffle through piles of snow. Make sure to choose a boot that’s clearly labelled “waterproof” and not “water resistant” or “weather resistant.” You want a guarantee that your feet will stay cozy and dry all through the cold season.

Don’t let your summer clothes do all the work

Although you undoubtedly have clothes that work in all seasons, some winter pieces are an absolute must — primarily long-sleeved items. Wearing a tank top, thin blouse or T-shirt in the winter will likely leave you chilled, and constantly trying to pair them up with cardigans can be a pain. So make sure you have a few attractive long sleeves on hand that you can throw on easily. Zara’s studio blouse and Smart Set’s belted cowl neck sweater are great options to get you started (, $100;, $30).

Do rely on layers

If it’s going to be a particularly cold day, layer up underneath. You can take the extra layers off as soon as you get to where you’re going, so no one even has to know. But it’s better to have the option than to feel chilled for the whole day. And don’t forget you can layer both the top and the bottom. Tights or pantyhose can hide neatly under pants, and a thick sweater over whatever you plan to wear for the majority of the day will give you extra warmth while you’re outside.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Although purses, jewellery and shoes are all important aspects of accessorizing, they’re not what we’re talking about here. In the winter, it’s crucial to wear warm hats, scarves and gloves felt fedorayou can rely on. And it doesn’t hurt if they’re stylish too! Chunky scarves, woollen hats and effective gloves are all key items of any woman’s winter wardrobe.

Stay warm out there!

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