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Winter accessories you can’t be without

The best way to dress up your look in the wintertime is to have some warm go-to accessories. We’ve collected some of the hottest hats, scarves and gloves the season has to offer.

cowl neck scarf etsy

Cowl neck scarves

Undeniably, scarves are a key component of dressing warmly in the winter. But they aren’t the only option. If you’ve ever gotten caught in a Canadian windstorm and had your scarf displace itself, leaving your neck open to the freezing cold air, you know scarves aren’t ideal in every situation. Instead, this season, consider testing out the warm and cozy cowl neck scarf trend. This soft, cabled, cowl neck warmer is handmade, attractive and reasonably priced (, $18).

red beanie Nordstrom

Warm hats with your favourite tunes

Even the warmest hat in the world can’t make you forget about how cold you are if you’re chanting “it is so cold, it is so cold, it is so cold” in your head. But your favourite music just might do the trick! Fortunately this season, hat designers and the music gods are working as a team to create the perfect combination: hats with embedded earphones. This wired tech hat from Nordstrom comes in nine colours and has removable speakers built right in (, $41). So you can take that rant against winter and turn it into you humming your favourite tunes!

black wrap

Attractive wraps

Not only is it colder outside during the winter, but in an effort to save money, many places, including restaurants and entertainment venues, keep the temperature lower inside as well. And that can cause all the work you put into getting yourself styled up to waste. Instead of leaving your coat on to stay warm, bring along a sexy wrap to drape over your shoulders if it’s chillier than expected. This satin-border black pashmina wrap from White House Black Market (, $58) will fit easily in your purse and can act as your saving grace if need be.

Sears leather gloves

Gloves to keep your fingers toasty

It’s next to impossible to feel comfortable in the winter if your hands are cold. So why do so many of us spend the winter with either bare hands or gloves that don’t do nearly enough to keep us warm? A good pair of gloves will keep your digits warm for years, so they’re a worthwhile investment. Try on several pairs before settling on the set that feels the warmest and most comfortable. If you’re looking for something that’s equally stylish and practical, check out these button decal leather gloves from Sears (, $50). Stay warm out there!

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