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Which Christmas tree is right for you?

Picking a Christmas tree is a big decision. If you pick the wrong option, you may wind up with more maintenance or a higher cost than you’re prepared for. Here are a few things to take into consideration before making your final decision.

The Christmas tree debate
woman in christmas tree lot

Pros of a fake tree

Undeniably, a fake tree is the more budget-friendly option. You shell out between $150 and $300 once, and you’re set for years. It also means you can select some convenient and attractive options that aren’t possible with a real tree, such as pre-lit varieties and those that come already slightly decorated. This one-plug Christmas tree ($249) from Canadian Tire, for example, is pre-lit so you don’t have to worry about getting poked in the eye by branches every year as you struggle to wrap strands of lights around it. There are even trees that come adorned with fake snow or attractive little bobbles so half your decorating work is done for you!

pre-lit christmas tree

Cons of a fake tree

One thing to keep in mind with a fake tree is it doesn’t get conveniently picked up by the trash collectors at the end of the season. Instead, it’s up to you to store it somewhere safe. So if you live in a small apartment or are out of storage space, stowing away a large tree 11 months of the year may not be an option. And depending on your storage conditions, you may find a fake tree gets damaged and no longer looks as believable and attractive as it once did — meaning you have to go on the hunt for a new one.

Pros of a real tree

Ultimately the biggest advantage of getting a real tree is the experience and joy you get out of it. There’s nothing quite like making a family trip out to the tree farm to pick the perfect one for you. And then you get to enjoy the natural scent of your selection all season long. It’s sure to get you in the spirit!

Cons of a real tree

The wonderful treat of having a tree that looks real and smells real is the fact that… well… it is real. And real trees, when cut off from their sources of nutrients in the ground, slowly start to die. Which means they leave piles of needles in their wake. This also means they require a whole lot of water to keep their shedding to a minimum. So if you choose to get a real tree, you’ll have to commit to some daily upkeep in the form of regular watering and frequent vacuuming.

Making the big decision

Everything about picking a Christmas tree is a personal choice, and it depends greatly on your living situation. So now that you have all the information, which will you choose?

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