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5 Ways to prep your skin for winter

Still using the same old skin care routine you’ve been using for years? It’s time to switch it up and get your skin winter-ready. Find out why you need to modify your skin care routine this winter, and snag our easy tips for glowing skin all year-round.

winter skin care

Don’t over-hydrate

While you do need more hydration in winter, that doesn’t mean you should buy the heaviest moisturizer you can find. You need a more hydrating creamhydrating cream than you used in the summer, but be sure to pick one that’s made for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you will need extra moisture only in certain areas. Remember to select a product designed for your oily, dry or combination skin for the best results.

Exfoliate… and exfoliate again

Ladies in the 30+ range should already be used to daily exfoliation, but just in case you aren’t aware or haven’t exfoliated since last winter, it’s time to get back into the routine. Exfoliation should be done at least once a day to remove dead, dry skin cells and make way for the glowing, moist cells beneath the surface. This will keep your skin hydrated longer and prevent your makeup from turning flakey by the end of the day. Tip: Chemical peels are not a good form of exfoliation and should be avoided. A gentle scrub will suffice.

Wear sunscreen daily

Just because the mercury has dropped doesn’t mean UV rays have too. Even on days when the sun doesn’t feel very strong, UV rays are hard at work. Aside from the permanent damage they can cause by prematurely aging your skin, UV rays can also dehydrate skin when you need moisture most. To ensure long-lasting moisture, protect your skin 24/7, all year long.

Invest in a humidifier

If your home heating system doesn’t have a humidifier, buy a portable one. The high heat we yearn for to keep warm also intensely dries our skin. No matter how moisturizing your cream is or how much you exfoliate, you will never fight dry skin properly until you have balanced the humidity in your home, which needs to be higher right about this time of year.

Avoid super-hot showers

Though a steaming shower seems to hit the spot in wintertime, it’s actually our number one enemy. Long, hot showers strip essential moisturizing agents from the skin as it dries. To avoid making dry skin even drier, opt for a lukewarm shower, and bundle up in towels afterward.

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