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Unique ways to display indoor herb gardens

Not only are fresh herbs great for perking up recipes with their bright flavours; they can also be a pretty addition to your home decor. Here are a few creative ways to proudly display your herb garden all year long.

Creative planter ideas
herbs planted in kitchen

A new life for ordinary containers

All it takes is your imagination and a bit of handiwork to easily transform ordinary objects and containers into beautiful pots to hold all your fresh herbs. However, it’s important to remember a few things. Drill drainage holes in the bottom of the container whenever possible so you don’t drown your plants; clean the container thoroughly before use; and never use a container that previously held a toxic substance. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Aluminum kitchen canisters. Depending on the canister, it will either add a contemporary edge or a retro feel to the kitchen, but both are especially appealing when labelled in the standard fashion of “flour,” “sugar,” “coffee” and “tea.”
  • Flower vases. Try using an odd-number grouping of similarly sized or shaped vases to showcase your herbs. Add them all to a large platter, and set it either on a side table or in the middle of the kitchen or dining table as a focal point.
  • New paint cans. These look funky and are large enough to hold full-grown herbs. Add them to the rungs of a propped-up wooden or metal ladder for a dramatic effect.

Tea, anyone?

Tea accessories are fun and a perfect accent in the kitchen:

  • Although the herbs will eventually need to be replanted, teacups and saucers are a cute way to display the seedlings.
  • Vintage tea tins will add a touch of whimsy to your herb garden. Line up several on a windowsill, countertop or down the kitchen table. Or use a grouping of exactly the same new tea tins to create a strong visual effect.
  • Planting an herb in a teapot is an interesting way to show off your green thumb with only one plant.

Moving on up

No one ever said your herb garden had to be relegated to a countertop or windowsill. Move it up with these ideas:

  • Create a wall board of potted plants. Plant your herbs in individual jars or small pails, and then prepare a wooden board with paint and the names of the herbs lined up at the bottom. Attach the jars to the board using duct clamps. To prevent the board from becoming too heavy or large, limit the herb jars to three to five per board.
  • Use a canvas hanging shoe organizer to show off your fresh herbs. Simply hang the organizer, and pop individual plastic potted plants into the pockets.

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