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Fix your bad fall-hair days

The cold. The wind. The dry air. Fall’s seasonal elements can do quite the number on your hair. Here’s how to help your hair look good this autumn.

woman with fall hair

Fall’s seasonal elements can have a way of making every day a bad-hair day for many of us. But rather than resign yourself to looking less than your best until spring, you can invest a little time (and some money on the right products) in ways that’ll help keep your hair looking it’s best no matter what Mother Nature brings to the table.

Battle frizz

Fall’s dry air may cause your hair to frizz up more than usual. To help prevent this, make sure you don’t over-shampoo your hair. Over-shampooing can strip hair of the oils it needs, so shampoo less often: Start with every other day, keeping in mind you can still rinse your hair with water and blow-dry it on non-shampoo days. Also, add a serum to your styling regimen. A serum will give each strand of hair an undetectable slick coat of product, which will help keep frizz under control.

Greasy scalp

If the dry air from indoor heating causes your scalp to produce excess oil, again, shampoo less often. Over-shampooing will further trigger sebaceous glands to produce oil to compensate for the dry air. Also, keep your hands off your hair. Playing with your hair encourages oil production. To make your hair manageable, keep a dry shampoo in your handbag so you can quickly work some into your hair while you’re on the go.

Messy hat head

On really chilly days when you need to wear a hat, there’s little you can do about the hat ruining your hairstyle, especially if you usually wear it with lots of volume, curls and waves. On these days it’s best to be proactive and style your hair into a more hat-friendly look. Do a side braid, for example, or slick it back into a chic, low ponytail.

Static-y hair

You may find yourself battling static cling and flyaways more often in the fall season because of the air’s dryness. Switch to a product you work into your wet hair, such as mousse. You want something that’ll coat your hair quickly before you blow-dry it so that each strand is protected from the elements while provided with some texture that’ll help keep static at bay.

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