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Halloween makeup tips

If your ideas bank is running low or you’re at a loss overall, fear not! We’ve compiled some easy, quick and fun tricks to try out this Halloween.

Need some help with looking spooky?
Halloween makeup

Before you or your child (whatever your game is) get hopped up on sugar or inebriated (only applicable to adults) this Halloween, an amazing costume must be planned and conceived, yes?

So, if you’ve got your getup all ready but you still look too normal, may we suggest Halloween makeup? That’s right; take your spooky look to a whole new level with our tips, tricks and ingenius ideas.

Although many looks can be achieved with the use of whatever is rolling around in the old makeup bag, we do suggest investing in a decent Halloween makeup kit for the trickier designs.

Face makeup

Let’s start with the basics: a witch. If you’re going with an I’m-normal-but-kind-of-spooky witch look, take advantage of black eyeliner and black lipstick. Racoon eyes are in, as are sloppy black lips. If you’re thinking Wizard-of-Oz-Wicked-Witch-of-the-West, then grab the handy Halloween kit, and coat that face in green. Black liner is great for creating a stronger brow and for adding wrinkles (along the forehead and around the lips are primo locations). For this avocado-face look, you can go with a black or a bright red lip.

Another classic is a vampire. Grab your palest foundation, or use a kit, and slap that on. Using a dark liner (black or grey), underline the bottoms of your cheekbones and blend it in using your hand or a sponge to create a deathly, creepy, sunken look. You can also use black eyeliner to re-create those beautiful, bushy Transylvanian eyebrows. Red lipstick will do well for bloodstains. This method is also great for the undead dead look: Create sharp, sunken cheeks and dark circles under the eyes using the handy-dandy pencil liner.

A fun look to play around with is a skeleton. First, apply the white makeup. Then use black eyeliner to outline and fill in your eye areas, the triangle of the nose and the lips (if you’re crafty, draw teeth instead). You can create sunken cheeks by blending some eyeliner right under the cheekbones using a sponge.

Eye makeup

If you’re not going with an overall facial coating for your costume, these tips are for you! Most of these can be achieved using regular eyeliners or face paints, so get creative!

Anything that has to do with intricate designs around the eyes can be achieved with a liquid liner. If you’re going with a Cleopatra-esque look, use an image for reference, dot it out, then fill in the eye design. Keep cotton swabs within reach.

If you have face paints handy, then the world is your oyster. Butterfly designs, princess or fairy looks are easy enough to create. Search up some imagery for inspiration. Use a light foundation to ensure the makeup stays intact the whole evening (girls may not enjoy the lengthy application process, though).

Accessories and extras

In some cases makeup is just not enough to bring you to that next level. This is where accessories and thingamabobs come in.

Fake eyelashes are huge on Halloween because they tie any look together. Our tip: Cleanse your face beforehand, and do not apply them on top of makeup; they will stay put so much longer. If you’re having trouble applying them yourself, ask someone with a steady hand.

If a princess or a fairy costume is in the process of creation, facial jewels are a must. Apply them onto a cleansed face with either a pre-set design or one you’ve planned out beforehand. Improvisation with glue and bedazzlers usually ends in tears; please abstain.

Now, if you’re looking for a very gory look, there are options. Adhesive scars, slit throats, maggots, holes and other disgusting additions are now readily available on the market. These will definitely elevate your costume to a new height of awesome and downright frightening. Apply to clean skin as always, and use a makeup kit to blend your adhesive in.

These are simple tips, tricks and just plain neat ideas. Tweak them, experiment (your child must have so many suggestions!), and have fun!

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