Top homemade Halloween getups for groups

Oct 23, 2012 at 12:30 p.m. ET

Going to a Halloween party in a group costume can be fun for many reasons. You get to feel like part of a team, and in the case of these creative homemade costumes, you may very well wind up being the hit of the party!

Cool group costumes
Highlighter costume

Pack of highlighters

Many ladies love to use Halloween as an opportunity to show off their hard-earned summer bods before the winter weather hits. But you don't have to wear next to nothing to look fun and sexy. To put together this group costume, simply collect all the neon clothes you have. Or stop by a thrift store to snag some new, inexpensive pieces. Another option, if it's in your budget, is to check out a store such as American Apparel, which is always loaded with bright and colourful pieces. Then each member of your group can pick which colour they'll be. Go for spandex pieces if you want a body-hugging, sexy look, or pick out the looser items if you want something more comfortable. And if you have a steady hand, consider getting a black fabric marker and writing the name of your favourite highlighter brand down the sides of the costumes.

Batch of Yahtzee dice

If you plan to do a lot of dancing this Halloween, this group costume may not be for you. But if you want to really make a statement and perhaps even garner a few giggles of appreciation, dressing up like a batch of Yahtzee dice is lots of fun. Simply buy one large, square box for each member of your group from your local hardware store — or you might be able to snag some free ones from a grocery store if you ask. In each box, cut out one side for your legs. With a box cutter, cut a hole for your head in the opposite side, then cut out two armholes. Paint the boxes white all over, and let them dry. Then paint on the number dots with black paint. Keep in mind that on a die, the opposing sides' numbers should add up to seven. So three should be across from four, two should be across from five and six should be across from one. To make it easier, pretend the sixes are on the bottoms and make your heads the ones. Then you can all wear cute headbands, each with a big, felt dot or miniature top hat for added flair.

All the variations of Barbie

Dressing up as different versions of Barbie is a great way for you to feel like you're all together, but you also get to put together your own totally unique costume. From among Malibu Barbie, Ballerina Barbie, Gymnastics Barbie, Princess Barbie, that short-lived pregnant Barbie and many others — there's something for everyone to have fun with. It's the perfect excuse to pull out that old tutu or hula skirt. And it's also a chance for you to strap on that super-high pair of shoes you're usually too lazy to wear. This costume idea is far easier to put together than other groups of girl costumes such as the Disney princesses, because Barbie has an almost infinite number of outfit combinations. So between what you already have and what you can snag at your local thrift store, you'll have nifty costumes in no time!

Photo courtesy of American Apparel

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