Cute couple costumes for Halloween!

Not sure what to be this Halloween? Want to somehow match your partner but not sure how to coordinate costumes? Below are some interesting, creative and absolutely adorable costumes to try with your significant other this Halloween!

Costumes for you and your sweetie
Peanut butter and jelly costume

Be the best dressed and life of the party with your sweetheart in these costumes.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

You can never go wrong with going as your favourite snacks! Let him be the peanut butter to your jelly this Halloween with this cute and hilarious costume! Show that you two really belong with each other.


At first glance this costume looks awkward, but when you see one person dressed as sushi and the other dressed as wasabi, it’s actually pretty cute! This costume is easy to make too. Wear all white and tie a pink or peach rectangular pillow to your back or stomach to represent a salmon nigiri sushi piece. Your partner can wear all green as wasabi, or if he can find a soy sauce bottle costume, he can be your tasty soy sauce.

Aladdin and Jasmine

Pick your favourite classic Disney couple — Aladdin and Jasmine — and go as them this Halloween. While this idea is a little cheesy, it’s always cute. Just one warning: You may be tempted to sing some of the songs from the movie. Maybe a little Disney magic will rub off on you so you can live happily ever after too.

Batman and Catwoman

Not into fairy tales? Be your favourite superhero couple this year. The Dark Knight RisesBatman and Catwoman costumes are powerful, cute and sexy.

Get greasy

Be the one that he wants this year with matching Sandy and Danny Zuko costumes from the hit movie and musical Grease. If you really get into your characters, you can even sing “We Go Together” or “Summer Lovin'” at the party this year.

Edward and Bella from Twilight

How could this modern take on the vampire not make it on our Halloween costume list? These costumes are easy to put together at home. Have your partner dress like Edward by wearing a black or grey peacoat, messing up his hair and wearing fangs. If he can get some yellow or amber contacts to have Edward’s eyes, even better. You may want to sprinkle some glitter on him as well. Bella is really easy to put together: a flannel shirt or hoodie and jeans. If you’re going with Bella in the later movies and books, add some fangs.

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