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Easy classic movie star costumes for Halloween

There’s nothing wrong with dressing like a ghost or a vampire for Halloween. But this year, consider styling up a notch and going with one of these easy-to-put-together classic movie star looks.

Old Hollywood Halloween
Marilyn Monroe costume

Marilyn Monroe

Virtually every woman would love to spend a night feeling like Marilyn Monroe, and this is your chance! Monroe was a fan of all kinds of sleek and sexy dresses, so you can likely find something in your closet or that of a friend’s that will do. Dresses with halter tops, spaghetti straps and no straps at all were some of her favourites. Pieces that were bright and well-fitted were also commonly seen on the Hollywood star. Halloween is an opportunity to be fun and daring, so don’t hold back! Pair your dress with bold jewellery, such as chandelier earrings and fake diamond bracelets. And don’t forget to strap on a sexy pair of stilettos! Although plenty of Marilyn Monroe wigs can be found out there, they often look a little silly. Instead, use a video tutorial such as this one from The Cherry Dollface to give your own hair a great 1950s vibe. And when it comes to makeup, have fun with fake eyelashes and bright red lips. You can even draw on her signature mole if you like.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn’s simple elegance makes it easy to put together a costume of her. Virtually any classy little black dress you have hanging in your closet will do. Or head to your local thrift store to pick up something inexpensive. Pair it with black pumps, a simple bracelet or two and small pearl or gemstone earrings. Sweep hair up into a clean chignon. If you want to go the extra mile, see if you can find clip-in bangs from a costume store so you can achieve her trademark haircut. When it comes to makeup, keep it simple. Use a liquid black eyeliner to lightly trace the upper eye area, and fan it out to create a small wing tip at the outer corners of your eyelashes. For the lips, opt for a deep, neutral berry. Make sure to use both lipliner and lipstick so your pout is extra prominent.

Shirley Temple

If you’re in the mood for a more playful option, what about being Shirley Temple for Halloween? Because Shirley Temple had plenty of different looks, you can take the costume in a few directions. Thrift stores are often loaded with old-fashioned outfits, so pay your nearest one a visit, and search for dresses that have embellished collars, poufy sleeves and voluminous skirt that fall to around the knee or shin area. If you can’t find any, try to pair a bright, patterned blouse with a skirt that has a lot of fabric and can hold a crinoline. You can also try a simple, flowy T-shirt dress for a more casual look. So long as it has a collar and shoulders with a bit of a pouf, you’ll be good to go. Pair your dress of choice with a cute pair of flats. Use small hot rollers or a curling iron to give yourself her trademark curls. To complete the look, secure a wide, colourful ribbon at the base of your neck, and tie it in a bow at the top of your head. Keep makeup childlike and simple with rosy cheeks, a hint of mascara and a dab of lipstick.

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