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Halloween nail tutorial

Anna Norman

Whether you’re a manicure minimalist or a nail polish junkie, there’s nothing like the holidays to spice up your nail art repertoire. And of all the holidays, it doesn’t get any more spirited than Halloween.

Halloween nails

Halloween marble nails

You don’t need to paint tiny pumpkins or black cats on your nails to have some fun on Oct. 31. Here’s one of my favourite nail art tricks for a just-left-the-salon look — and the only tool you need is already in your kitchen.

What you’ll need:

  • Two contrasting shades of nail polish (I’m using black and orange, of course)
  • A roll of plastic wrap, cut into a handful of small, crumpled pieces
  • A glossy topcoat

Saran wrap marblingDirections:

  1. Paint your nails with your first colour. I’m using the saturated orange Essie Meet Me At Sunset. Let the polish dry completely before moving on (at least 15–20 minutes of drying time).
  2. Apply a coat of your second polish colour over one nail. I’m using a glossy black polish, OPI Mourning Glory. Grab a piece of plastic wrap, and move on to step 3 while the polish is still wet.
  3. While the second polish is wet, immediately blot the top of your nail once or twice with a crumpled piece of plastic wrap. When the sticky plastic touches the wet polish, it pulls up a bit of the colour, creating a marble effect with the base colour underneath. Continue dabbing until you’re happy with the results. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on each nail.
  4. For professional-looking tips, cleanup is key! If you ended up with some polish smudges outside the lines, clean up around the edges with a Q-tip or a small makeup brush dipped in nail polish remover. The surfaces of your nails may be a bit bumpy after the saran wrap blotting, so finish your marbled mani with one or two layers of topcoat to achieve a smooth, shiny surface.

Once Oct. 31 has passed, experiment with various colors and polish finishes — the options are endless! Happy Halloween!

A few nail art tips

  • Stick with classic, creamy nail polish formulas. Sheers, glitters and jelly polishes are fun, but they’re difficult to work with when you’re creating nail art.
  • Always apply a base and a topcoat. It’s non-negotiable! The base coat sets a smooth foundation for polish and prevents staining, and a topcoat adds shine and protection so your manicure lasts for days.
  • Are you having trouble painting with your non-dominant hand? Rest your elbow on a table to steady your arm, and clean up any mistakes with a brush dipped in remover. Also, steer clear of caffeine and sugar before painting your nails — shaky hands aren’t welcome here!
  • Remember that for DIY nail art, creativity and style are what matters, not perfection. No one will notice a few shaky polish strokes!

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