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DIY Pumpkin bunting for Halloween

The holiday decorating season starts with Halloween. Making your own decorations is a fun way to get the whole family involved in the decorating process. Grab your supplies, and create this adorable bunting for your home in no time.

Halloween bunting

Add a whimsical touch to your Halloween decor with this simple pumpkin bunting. Created with supplies you’re sure to have on hand, this easy-to-make bunting can be completed in one hour or less. The best part is you can customize the design to fit your other decorations. Add spooky ghosts to give it more of a Halloween vibe or add fall leaf cut outs and use it through the entire season.

Halloween bunting materials

What you’ll need:

  • Some string
  • A stapler
  • A few coordinating buttons
  • Orange and green coordinating card stock for pumpkins
  • Glue stick or other type of adhesive
  • Some pages from an old book


  1. Using your book pages, cut out five to seven (or however many you’d like) rectangles approximately 3-1/2 x 6 inches in size.
  2. Snip out a triangle shape from the bottoms of your rectangles. Hint: From left to right, find the centre of the rectangle, then measure approximately 1-3/4 inches from the bottom to find where the top point of your triangle will be.
  3. Cut out the number of pumpkins you’ll need for your banner from a variety of patterned card stock. I also cut out leaves and stems for each of my pumpkins.
  4. Attach the pumpkins to your banner pieces, allowing enough room to fold over the top edges. Place a button in the centre of each one. To create extra texture and make the pumpkins stand out, run your fingernail along the edges of the pumpkins to raise or roughen them and give them a worn look.
  5. Now you’re ready to put your banner together. Simply cut your length of string, and attach the banner pieces to the string by folding the top edges of the banner pieces over the string, then staple. Space the banner pieces evenly along the string by sliding them back and forth as needed.
  6. Now hang it somewhere, and enjoy!

Halloween bunting

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