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10 Tools every homeowner should have

From DIY projects to home repairs, you need to have a good set of tools to get by. Most homeowners need the basics, so make sure your tool box contains all the must-have tools on this list.

Tools for home repairs and maintenance

Utility knife

From opening packaging to stripping wiring to scraping paint, a utility knife can do just about anything. So don’t ruin your kitchen knife; use the right tool for the job. Get one with convenient built-in blade storage.


Tape measure

A tape measure is a must-have for every homeowner. Whether you’re measuring a room because you’re buying a new couch or because you need to know how much paint to purchase, a simple tape measure is all you need.



A smooth-faced claw hammer is a versatile (and cheap) tool you’ll use for years. From simply driving nails into the wall to hang pictures to building a new outdoor deck, a hammer is a necessary basic tool for every homeowner.


Adjustable wrench

Whatever you need to put together — from appliances to swing sets — you’ll probably need a wrench. And of course, it’s essential for simple plumbing jobs as well.


Pliers set

Pliers come in a variety of types. For most household projects, you need a basic kit that includes needle-nose, side-cutting, slip-joint and tongue-and-groove pliers. Pliers allow you to get a grip on almost anything.


Screwdriver set

Screwdrivers are some of the most basic — and essential — tools for homeowners. You need screwdrivers for everything from installing light switches to tightening hardware on your kitchen cabinet. Plus, this tool is necessary for assembling basic furniture.



When you’re undertaking DIY projects in your home, a level is a must. You can use it for everything from hanging pictures in your living room to laying a patio or deck.


Power drill

The most basic upgrades in your home will be a whole lot easier if you have a power drill. Sure, you can use a hand screwdriver to attach new hardware or assemble a desk, but it’s so much easier to do with a power drill.


Rechargeable flashlight

Undoubtedly your power will go out at some point or you’ll need to fix something under a dark cabinet, so you need to have a flashlight handy. Instead of a traditional flashlight with batteries, splurge on a rechargeable flashlight that plugs into a recharging station. It will always be ready to go, and you’ll always know where it is.


Duct tape

They say you can fix anything with duct tape, and it’s almost true. A roll of duct tape is cheap and powerful. It might be the best investment you’ll ever make!

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