Getting the most from your kitchen tools

Kitchen tools help us slice bread and chop veggies, and they’re especially useful when entertaining. But do we really know how to properly take care of them?

Taking care of your kitchen essentials
Home Hardware Kitchen Expert

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Anna Olson, Home Hardware’s Kitchen Expert, gives us a few tips on how to care for our kitchen tools and maximize their performance.


Knives are the tools most often used in the kitchen, and it’s important to keep them sharp so they do their job properly. Protect the sharp edges of your Kuraidori knives and keep them handy in a Kuraidori knife block that holds up to 13 of your favourites. Or use a knife sheath that comes with the Kuraidori carving set.

Sharp knives are safer than dull ones, but with use, the sharp edge usually drifts to one side or the other. Stainless steel is great for sharpening kitchen tools, so use the 8-inch stainless steel Kuraidori knife sharpener from Home Hardware to hone the edges. Honing returns the edge to the centre. Use two or three strokes on each side, but remember to get them professionally sharpened at a Home Hardware location at least once a year.

Cutting surfaces

Many people use one kind of cutting board for everything, which can lead to cross-contamination or the spread of harmful bacteria. For vegetables, choose bamboo or wood, such as the 14 x 18-inch Kuraidori bamboo cutting board, and plastic, such as the Instyle cutting board, for meats.

Renewing pots

A scorched pot doesn’t have to end up in the garbage. All you need is some water, baking soda and a free burner on your stove. Place the pot on the burner, pour in the water, and toss in a good amount of baking soda. Boil everything for a couple of minutes, then let cool. The scorched stuff should come off without much scrubbing.

Stack and store

Storing things properly is important to maintain their appearance, so store glasses in the scratch- and chip-free chrome stemware holder. With convenient lids that fit right on top, storing leftovers is also simple in the 6-piece glass storage set.


Kuraidori cookware offers 150 items to help you cook like a pro. Don’t worry about corrosion or pitting with its 11-piece cookware set, which features four sizes of saucepans, a Dutch oven and an open skillet. Each pot even has measuring marks on the inside, so there’s no need to dirty measuring cups.

Sealed-in freshness

Kuraidori Vac N Store food savers are perfect to keep food fresh for prolonged periods. The built-in pump lets you create an airtight seal and even contains a built-in date-marking system for convenience.

Wine aeration

Bring out the flavour and make every glass of wine taste better with the Kuraidori wine aerator. While some wines take up to an hour to properly aerate, the Kuraidori wine aerator does it in seconds. Its removal filter even catches sediment in aged wines, enhancing their eye appeal and taste.

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