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How paint colour can impact the mood of a room

Choosing the perfect colour to paint your living room or bedroom may seem like a simple task. However, there are many psychological factors hiding behind your favourite hue that can determine how it will affect your mood.

Picking the perfect paint
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Colours may look pleasing to the eye, but what messages do they send to our brains when we step into a brightly or darkly painted room?

Though colours have different meanings to different people, some universal rules apply to them. So before dipping your paintbrush into that fresh can of paint, consider the mood you want to set in your room. Take a look at how each of these colours can set the right — or the wrong — kind of mood for your room.

Warm colours

Reds, yellows and oranges usually tend to make people feel cozy and warm. That’s because warmer colours draw in spaces and make larger rooms feel more intimate.


Most people associate the colour red with love and sensuality. So this would be the perfect colour for a bedroom, right? Well, you’re partly right. Red can set the mood for passion, but it can also be too stimulating, causing increased heart rate and blood pressure.


Bold and exciting, this colour should be used in spaces where you want to create a social mood. Because it gives off so much energy, it’s best used in an exercise room or a living room.


Stepping into a yellow room evokes feelings of happiness and lets us feel welcomed, no matter whose house we’re walking into. This colour, however, is best used in hallways and small spaces rather than in main colour schemes, because believe it or not, too much yellow can cause people to lose their temper and create feelings of frustration and anger.

Cool colours

The cooler side of the colour spectrum has the opposite effect that warm colours give us and makes a room seem larger than it really is, while promoting peace, tranquility and relaxation to those in the room.


Feeling a little blue? Paint a room blue, and your mood will change. We’re serious. Blue sets a calming and relaxing mood, perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms.


Fool your friends — and maybe even yourself — into a life of luxury by painting your room purple. Purple denotes royalty and also sets the mood for creativity and sophistication.


Emerald, forest, seafoam — whatever shade of green you decide on, know that because it’s the most restful colour for the eye, it’ll leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

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