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How to apply liquid eyeliner

Fear not, ladies! Liquid eyeliner shall haunt us no more. Fall is here; it’s time for something new, and liquid liner fits the bill perfectly. Let’s work this out together.

How to Apply Liquid Liner

If you’re craving a little bit of adventure in the world of eye makeup, may we interest you in some liquid eyeliner?

Now, there’s no need for straitjacketing or the tearing out of beautiful hair. The liner application process can actually be easy, serene and rewarding.

So once you’re equipped with the necessary tools (liquid liner of appropriate colour and thickness, eye shadow if desired, translucent powder — a plus — and cotton swabs), seat yourself comfortably in front of a stable mirror and preferably a flat surface to rest your elbows on. Now, let’s get started.


Prep time

Liquid eyeliner is a finicky creature: It will flake, smudge or just look like a scrunched-up snake if applied improperly. So for safety’s sake, apply a primer to your eyelid, and dust a wee bit of the trusty translucent powder on top. This ought to hold it in place. Slap some eyeshadow on top of that, if you so choose.


Steady and go

First off, your hands are your leader in this endeavour, so they must be steady. Keep elbows on the table to make sure the shakes don’t get ’em. Now grab that liner, and dot it along your lash line (as close as possible). This creates a little path for you to follow later (the dotting doesn’t have to be perfect). Take a deep breath, clutch the liner, and in one (slow) continuous motion, sweep it along the dotted line you’ve just created.


Mr. Fix-it

Sit back. Look at your eyelid. Does it look like poop? No worries. Grab a cotton swab, dip it into a baby drop of makeup remover, and erase whatever seems out of place. No need to hyperventilate — this is going swimmingly! If you were wearing eyeshadow, this would be a great time to blend it back in, post-fixing.



Your liner is pretty much complete. If you wish to achieve the cat-eye look, you’ll have to tinker around with the liner (wing it out; dots can also be used) and cotton swabs. You can also apply mascara at this point.

Ta-dah! And you didn’t even cry…

That wasn’t so bad, was it? Applying liquid eyeliner takes practice, but now you know the basics. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different thicknesses, wing tips and colours!

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