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How to choose a floor style for your home

There’s no shortage of flooring options out there. And the last thing you want to do is make a decision you aren’t happy with down the road. Fortunately Home Hardware is a reliable source for all your home improvement needs.

Learn about your flooring options
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Home Hardware’s helpful and knowledgeable staff want to make sure you pick the best option for your particular needs.

Flooring is a great way to spruce up the look of your home and increase its value while you’re at it. But it’s also one of the biggest decorating investments you’ll make, so you want to make sure you pick something you can feel good about for years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the questions you’ll want to consider.

What space are you working with?

A good place to start when picking out a floor is to consider the lifestyle of the room. Begin with questions concerning what the room is primarily used for. Does it see a lot of traffic? For rooms that experience a lot of coming and going such as kitchens and family rooms, many laminates offer the longest wear, whereas carpets can be high maintenance. Laminate tends to be affordable, durable and almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Home Hardware’s inStyle laminate flooring is even guaranteed not to fade. Just keep in mind that when laminate does wear out, it can’t be refinished; a full replacement will be necessary.

Then consider who uses the room most. Are there children or pets to consider? Does anyone in your family have allergies? Do elderly or disabled individuals use the space frequently? Again, laminate is a good option if pets are a big part of your life, as it can stand up to greater wear. Home Hardware’s line of laminate stone-look flooring, for example, is guaranteed to last for 35 years of residential use. For allergies, greener products with low or no VOCs may be the solution. And if anyone in your family is elderly or disabled, try to steer clear of tile-grout seams, which can create mobility problems.

What kind of maintenance are you prepared for?

The next thing to consider is how much maintenance you’re willing to put into it. Tile and vinyl, for example, are easy to care for and handle water better than wood, so they are often better options for bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms.

If you think carpet will suit a room, look for new synthetic fibres that are more stain-resistant. But keep in mind that regardless, a carpet will always be more vulnerable to spills. If you aren’t willing to commit to regular vacuuming and occasionally taking care of more serious messes, steer clear of carpets.

No matter which flooring you go with, it’s important to know what tools are at your disposal to keep it looking its best. For instance, if you go with laminate or hardwood, be sure to get a product such as Natura Laminate and Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

What’s your budget like?

And of course, no matter what your imagination holds for your space, budget is often going to come into play. Many people, for example, love the look of real wood floors, but the high prices can make them seem out of reach. Fortunately, however, you can stay on budget by going with engineered wood. So don’t feel too discouraged if you can’t afford your initial idea — there may be a suitable alternative just around the corner!

And if you’re someone who doesn’t mind paying a little more for the peace of mind of knowing your flooring is a more environmentally friendly option, there are some great choices for you. Home Hardware’s inStyle Traditions flooring, for example, is manufactured from recycled materials, thereby saving natural resources. Or check out its line of inStyle Exotic laminate flooring, which is certified by PEFC, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. It’s also GREENGUARD Children & School certified and comes with a 25-year residential guarantee.

Get a second opinion

If all this talk has given you some ideas but you aren’t sure quite where to start, consider dropping by your local Home Hardware to get some helpful expert advice. Or check out its website,, to see all the options available to you. Determining which flooring is best for your space and figuring out how to install it can seem like a big task. But a little bit of knowledgeable advice may be all you need to achieve an even more beautiful, updated home.

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