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Simply elegant Halloween decor

Around Halloween time, your home may typically be filled with tissue-paper ghosts your kids have made and stringy spider webs. But it doesn’t have to be. Instead, fill your space with some of these elegant seasonal pieces.

Elegant seasonal decor
Fall centerpiece

Make elegant arrangements

Placing centrepieces and other floral arrangements around the house is an easy way to make this holiday an elegant one. Begin by picking a black vase or basket to get the Halloween theme started. Or if you’re feeling really creative, consider hollowing out a pumpkin to use as the vase. Then fill it with flowers in warm autumn colours. Golden sunflowers, orange carnations and red eucalyptus — whether real or fake — all work well. And to bring the Halloween back in, incorporate a few Halloween characters on sticks, which you can easily pick up at your local dollar store. Seeing little black cats, bats and ghosts popping out of a beautiful display is fun and attractive at the same time.

Halloween wreatchFind the right colours

Undeniably spring is a beautiful season. But for many, fall may actually have it beat. The reds, oranges and yellows of autumn are truly stunning. Unfortunately the orange-and-black combination that was designated for Halloween can be a little hard to work in stylishly. So your best bet is to find the right balance between warm autumn tones and eerie Halloween pieces. A door wreath such as this one from The Home Depot incorporates orange and black in a way that hints at Halloween without going over the line into gaudy (, $100).

Silver pumpkinsUse metallics

If your home is already quite colourful and you think incorporating fall tones will make the decor too busy, consider metallics. They’re an easy way to help establish the theme of the season without taking away from the style you have in place. Silver pumpkins such as these from Pottery Barn are an elegant way to add a pop of Halloween to your space (, $45).

Halloween skulls

Or if you can handle something more ghostly, take a peek at these metal skulls (, $29 to $51). If you’d rather not spend too much on decorations that will be displayed for only a month or two every year, pick up some plastic pumpkins, spiders, skulls and any other Halloween-themed items that catch your eye at your local dollar store, then spray-paint them gold, silver or bronze. Just make sure to do so outside over a newspaper or sheet, and follow the can’s instructions. It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do to make even the creepiest of Halloween items look downright sophisticated.

Carve with grace

Although you certainly can cut a few triangles and squares into a pumpkin to create a jack-o’-lantern, a more elegant option is to use a template to create a visually appealing display. Check out these pumpkin carving tips and templates to create stunning designs for your home. Then place them in front of your house, and impress your guests from the moment they come up the driveway!

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