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Fall 2012 fashion trends to try

Another season, more trends! Yes, the fall fashion season is officially upon us, bringing a long list of fashion trends and styles that has something for everyone.

Autumn styles you’ll love
Woman in a leather jacket

Whether you’re ready to try a more daring and dramatic look or want to stick to styles you know and love, the array of fall 2012 trends to try will definitely keep you busy until next spring.


You can continue to thank Rooney Mara and her super-believable performance as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for inspiring (once again) an edgy, dark and punk fashion style that has fashion designers like Versace happy to dress their models in black leather from head to toe. This trend edges between Goth and drama style elements and encourages fashion trendsetters to not be afraid of wearing leather statement pieces like leather pants, leather tops and, of course, leather jackets. The right way to wear this trend is to mix up different textures, materials and prints of black or leather; that way your outfit doesn’t look plain or boring.


By far, baroque is the most sophisticated and intricate fashion trend this fall. With a rich history going all the way back to the Middle Ages, the woven and embellished details and work that go into creating a brocade garment is greatly appreciated by both fashion designers and fashion lovers. This trend is very classy and rich in terms of presentation, and it relies on golden accents, delicate material and elegant patterns. If you want to try this trend, it’s best to invest in a piece that has a brocade design that is clearly stitched or woven so that the piece really stands out.


Peplum is another spring/summer trend that is being carried over into another season. Its flirty and flattering overskirt design is popping up at popular retailers such as H&M and Topshop, showing us that although this trend seems more runway than reality, it is possible to add peplum pieces to your everyday wardrobe. And if wearing the frill is a little to bold for your liking, you can take small fashion baby steps and choose an item that has a not-so-exaggerated peplum design — like an evening gown or party dress — to be your introduction to wearing the trend.

Colour blocking

Colour blocking is here to stay — well, at least for another season. The abstract and geometrical trend that pairs interesting and complementing hue combinations has been approved for fall 2012 fashion, and fashion designers are incorporating it anywhere they can, whether it’s through their handbags like Diane von Furstenberg or a textured colour block sweater from the Celine fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection. The great thing about this trend is that if worn right, you’ll be able to add a whole bunch of colours to your outfit in one hit without clashing.

Oversized outwear and sweaters

What’s winter without oversized clothing? It keeps you warm, and it’s a staple for anyone who lives in a geographical location that doesn’t have the sun shining and the ground clear during the cold months. This trend speaks for itself and is pretty simple to try for anyone of any size or age. If you’re going to wear oversized jackets or sweaters, just remember to complement them with the other parts of your outfit. For example, if you’re going to wear an oversized sweater, steer clear from wearing loose or straight-cut pants that look equally oversized. Instead, choose denim skinny jeans or tailored, fitted black pants for a proportioned and balanced look.

Royal hues

This past summer we were energized with bright hues and neon colours that put a perk in our step. Now this fall we’re also embracing colour, only this time in more sophisticated tones. Emerald greens, royal blues, deep purples and oxblood (otherwise known as sanguine or chianti) have been popular among fashion designers like Alexander Wang, Lanvin and Stella McCartney. This dark palette channels strong yet feminine, dramatic colours, which are perfect for fall, since any colour is welcomed to brighten — or in this case, to enhance — the variety in our fall wardrobes and to steer us away from wearing black all winter long.

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